Spanish judge MasterChef launches a line of collectible bottles. Inspiration is Mexico.

Jordi Cruz he is a very poor judge of the Spanish chef MasterChef, a well-known face in the Iberian Peninsula, but also beyond, if it is true that celebrities of the stature such as Bruce Springsteen, Barack and Michelle Obama, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw sat at his table. table (in one fell swoop) in Europe for the Boss tour, while Bill Gates reserved the entire venue – three-star ABaS Barcelona – then to take a cola and leave without trying anything that the brigade prepared. These are the celebrity risks that Cruz, who entered the haute cuisine Olympus from a very young age, is probably familiar with.

Jordi Cruz, Jaguar Bottom, Negro Scale

New project by Jordi Cruz

Today, Jordi Cruz is talked about as a side project in which he will run in the spirit world. called Kankenami by JC Chef’s signature tequila, mezcal, rice liqueurs and wines. He is not the only celebrity to cross over to the spirits road (in Italy, for example, there are Gian, Giancarlo Morelli’s gin among many), in particular agave-based products, which have conquered, among others, people such as Michael Jordan, Rita Ora, Kendall Jenner.

Jordi Cruz mezcal-triangulo-plata-persp

art bottles

Jordi Cruz’s work begins with the content and ends with a container of spectacular bottles. Guerrero Jaguar pieces are unique pieces, hand-decorated by Mexican artisans, reminiscent of classic Mexican symbols, the colorful skull typical of El dia de los Muertos, while the inverted triangle models focus on innovative and elegant designs, also crafted way.

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