Special Operation: Lioness at Paramount: Plot, News, Full Cast

Zoe Saldana, Laysla De Oliveira and Nicole Kidman in the new series from the father of Yellowstone.

Special Operation: Lioness military thriller series available on Paramount+ with weekly episodes released every Sunday simultaneously around the world. This is a TV series written Taylor Sheridannew golden boy of the modern series for Paramountcreator of successful titles such as strand of yellowstone and its by-products e Tulsa King with Sylvester Stallone.

special operation lioness on Paramount+

Taylor Sheridan he also has the ability to win over Hollywood stars and enlist them in his series. So later Kevin Costner V yellowstone, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren V 1923 and Stallone in Special Operation: Lioness we find Nicole Kidman (also a producer) and Morgan Freeman (in a minor role). To direct the series Zoe Saldana and Laysla de Oliveira for a military-themed action movie with feminine undertones. The series is inspired by a real-life CIA program. Lioness Interaction Group which is used to stop terrorist organizations from the inside. In fact, it provides for the use of agents to secretly infiltrate the ranks of the enemy.


In the center Special Operation: Lioness there is Cruz Manuelos, played by Layla de Oliveira, the girl we meet at the beginning of the series, living in degradation and violence. While on the run from her boyfriend, she encounters the Marines and decides to enlist, demonstrating the strength and tenacity that allows her to achieve physical goals meant for male recruits. Meeting with Joe (Zoe Saldana) in charge of the program Lioness will force her to discover a harsh and ruthless reality, but will also give her a new purpose in life. In addition to life in the field, we also follow Joe in his personal life, where he has to deal with his constant absences, which is reflected in his relationship with his teenage daughter and her doctor husband. Plus Joe should also stand up to CIA leaders who control his work.


Nicole Kidman she played the role of Caitlin Mead, a CIA Lioness program handler with a long career behind her and a wife who always requires a lot of attention. Michael Kelly (seen in House of Cards and Jack Ryan) Brion Westfield is also among the leaders of the CIA. Morgan Freeman instead, it’s Edwin Mullins, Secretary of State. Dave Annable plays Neil, Joe’s husband, and Monica Garrett and James Jordan they are Tucker and Two Cups, seasoned operatives on Joe’s team. Stephanie Noor instead, it’s Alia, the billionaire’s daughter.

Meeting with Special Operation: Lioness airs every Sunday on Paramount+, streaming via browser, app, smart TV, and also available on Fire Stick, game console, Sky Q, and Sky Glass. In addition, Sky Cinema subscribers have Paramount+ included with their subscription.

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