Special Operation Lioness, review of the series

Special Operation: Lioness, military thriller produced every Sunday by the company Paramount+ in Italy, as in the rest of the world, it’s a series written by Taylor Sheridan and it shows. The actor became an author who Yellowstone started the boomer revolution ready to conquer and streaming, he continues his work of conquering spaces for those who have been forgotten by the platforms, holding his breath in the race for the youngest.

Yet boomers and late millennials are the segments of the public that are most attracted to the world of TV, those who grew up on weekly dates, on canon-based shows where the good guys win with little controversy. , in which doubts are associated with the culprit. Success is not accidental Night agentThe Diplomat on Netflix, Author succession and from White Lotus channel HBO (and Sky). Teen dramas will be good for social media memes promoted by paid influencers who don’t even know what they’re talking about. But behind the social noise is a mass of people over 30 who are buying, activating a subscription, browsing products.

Taylor Sheridan understands this well and creates great products for a specific audience. Special Operation: Lioness represents a natural evolution of the path taken over the years and after the western, a gangster with a comedic streak. Tulsa King, comes a military thriller. To complete his revolution, Sheridan decides to ditch the male protagonists and take on two female protagonists. Zoe Saldana and Laysla De Oliveira that they have nothing to envy about male heroes who could play their own roles.

Special Operation: Lioness smart and exciting series

Special Ops Taylor Sheridan it culminates in a search for a joint CIA-military program in which Marines infiltrate the enemy to gather intelligence from within. It also featured two solid names as stars Nicole Kidman also producer Morgan Freeman and a veteran of the espionage/action/thriller world who everyone identifies as from some sort of government agency, Michael Kelly (Of course, in the first 3 episodes, Freeman is not seen at all, and in the other two, the places are limited).

The series has a very clear and distinct imprint. The protagonist (De Oliveira) breaks out of the context of degradation and Latin violence (the truth of the stereotype) and finds salvation in the military world (good marines who save everyone). The enemy to infiltrate is naturally an Arab, as 40/50 years ago it would have been a Russian, but despite all these simplifications, Sheridan takes on two female and non-white protagonists. The CIA operations manager is married to a white man, an important doctor, and has a ruthless teenage daughter who even tells her father, “You white man don’t understand.” Sheridan knows it’s not the 90s and so he dives. cunningly his lioness in the present.

Special Operation Lioness In this way, he finds the perfect balance to be seen by the widest possible audience, he is convincing, causes an adrenaline rush, but also knows how to penetrate the depths of the characters’ lives. An evolution of the generic TV series with more action, more violence and a few bad words, but with this weekly formula expensive for the reference public.

Special Operation: Lioness

Operazione Speciale Lioness is a series that knows its target audience very well, compelling, intriguing, full of action, yet able to stand out with its choice of two female protagonists, reduced to male roles, without straying too far from elements of the genre in which it is an insert.

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