Specifically, Android-Updates, 10, Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Can Make Phone Dead


KOMPAS.com – If you are a user smartphone Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, you should make your intention to undo if you want to update your operating system to Android 10.

This is because some user reported that the device Mi A2 Lite, you are damaged after you upgrade the operating system to the latest Android.

Through the forum Mi.com and Redditthe users have complained that their devices can no longer be used, because the experience bootlop shortly after the update.

Bootloop is a condition in which smartphone Damage-and me-restart own again and again.

The user claims bootloop this happens after you update the OS from Android 9 Pie Android 10 is over over-the-air OTA (over the air).

“Mobile phone (Mi A2 Lite) does not turn on after updated, in the same boat as some users in this forum (Mi.com),” said a user.

“After the update, my phone experienced bootloop for two hours,” said another user.

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However, there are also a number of users, Mi A2 Lite does not occur in other reported problem, even if you already have the operating system update to Android 10.

However, you don’t know for sure, the phone can be updated successfully without any problems.

Previously, the update Android 10 goss Xiaomi to the user Mi A2 Lite in a number of areas.

Mi A2 Lite is was released on your Android phone of Xiaomi, in 2018 then. Various mobile phones from Xiaomi, the Mi A2 Lite with the operating system pure Android, without coated MIUI.

This is not the first time that Android updates have launched of Xiaomi problems. Similar had to happen when Xiaomi update the operating system, A3 Mi.

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You upgrade the operating system in this time, in a contains a number of bug the negative impact on the user experience.

Summarized KompasTekno from Android PoliceOn Wednesday (11/3/2020), it is not yet known what the cause of the problem. Party Xiaomi also has not given the answer to this context.