Specifications HP Mi 10 Pro is the successor to the Mi 9 Pro, is it More Advanced?


Specifications HP Mi 10 Per
The appearance and specifications of the HP Mi 10 Pro. Photo: Special

Specifications HP Mi 10 Pro is certainly not less interesting with some flagship smartphone, the other. This Smartphone was officially from Xiaomi in Beijing, China, not long.

This launch was done on a live stream. This is caused by the eruption of the Corona-virus that has already spread.

If it was started live, but a lot of people who are participating. The presence of HP Mi 10 Per this is not our own.

Therefore, the leading China supplier of two products launched at once. Flagship Smartphone, the other one is the HP-Mi 10. Both present as a successor for the flagship of the previous generation, the qualified also.

As the specifications of the HP Mi 10 Pro?

The vendor of origin China the idea of a new thing but there is a problem. The outbreak of the Corona virus itself is inhibited, but the HP Mi 10 Pro from Xiaomi.

Bring new things in terms of specifications, it is certainly interesting. In addition, the successor to the HP-Mi 9 Pro extended.

A number of this increase will make your performance more dominating than before. Don’t be surprised if the specifications of the HP Mi 10 Pro actually impressive.

In addition, agricultural, Xiaomi has a good quality. Every smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi also has its benefits or advantages, which are of interest to the consumer.

Between the HP Mi 10 Pro HP Mi 10 has some differences. Although both at the same time. The difference between the two is not too large. Both lead to the same chipset.

Of course, the chipset is the latest design from Qualcomm. No different than a Snapdragon 865. No wonder, if the performance is very dominant.

Specifications HP Mi 10 Pro in terms of performance is also supported by the capacity of the RAM area. More or less capacity of 12 GB is embedded. Then internal memory, up to 512 GB.

This specification supports the use of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. From the access of social media, games, and other. Guaranteed to go more smoothly.

Capacity battery for HP Mi 10 Per

To increase the complexity of the HP-Mi, 10, Pro, Xiaomi has a great battery employs. No responsibility-responsibility, the Xiaomi equips its new product with a rechargeable battery with 4,500 mAh.

Also specifications of HP Mi 10 Pro is also equipped with the function of Quick Charging. Certainly the power of the users are satisfied, when the operation of the HP-Mi 10 Pro in a long time.

Features fast charging, this can be used when the battery is almost exhausted. So, it is not necessary a long time, until the battery is fully charged.

PS Mi 10 Pro with the camera Superior

Not only that, Xiaomi also introduced camera module superior. When compared with the HP-Mi, 10, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is superior. PS Mi 10 Pro has a primary camera 108 MP.

The camera is powered with some of the lens makes the image clearer. Among them, the lens that expands the image to 16 MP. Then, the zoom lens 12 MP.

Specifications HP Mi 10 Pro the lens that sharpens the image results, the 5 MP. So, the image results very satisfactory to be right, shots of the camera.

On the part of the camera was also equipped with a variety of features and modes. One of the functions of the LED flash, which is very helpful.

Design, screen, HP-Mi 10 Per

Of course, specification of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro on the part of the screen with an AMOLED panel. Then the width of the screen is about 6.7 inch plus full DG.

Screen technology, the present is also embedded on the smartphone design of Xiaomi. Technology in the form of a refresh rate of 90 Hz and HDR10+

Specifications HP Mi 10 Pro with a screen that is very wide, is always to indulge the user. Activity-streaming, and games will be more fun. In addition, in the absence of the image will be cropped.

PS Mi 10 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 10 were present at the same time. Both are almost the same. However, specifications Mi 10 Pro is superior to his brother.

The difference of the two looks out of the range of the camera, the different resolutions have. The rest of the components are embedded is almost the same.

Even so, the price offered is also different. Price HP Mi 10 Pro is more expensive in comparison with his brother. Remember, there is a difference, even if only a little.

From the information provided in the HP Mi 10 Pro, Xiaomi will take it away with a price of approximately $ 9.8 million. The target audience is very wide, including in the Asian region. Although still hampered by the presence of the influenza virus. (R10/HR-Online)