Specifications HP Realme 6i with the Packaging Design of water drop cutout


Specifications HP Realme 6i
HP Realme 6i. Photo: Special

Specifications HP Realme 6i was widely used, you’re an open book. But of course this smartphone with the packaging design Water-Drops-Recess or water droplets in the part of the screen.

As we know, the previous Realme has launched a variant of the Realme 5i was announced in early January. But this time, the Realme is also ready to learn new things, prepare the listeners, namely Realme 6i.

Recently, the Realme is also phones 6 led certificated series with specifications. The company is also preparing for the introduction of the Realme 6i, as shown in the FCC list.

Party the FCC has a variety of phone-photos of the last series of the Realme. For Realme 6i of the certification in the period. The phone is listed with the name of the RMX 2040.

Specifications HP Realme 6i

Excellent news-specifications HP Realme 6i is equipped with a battery capacity up to 5000mAh. In addition to that, it also has the features of Fast charger 18W, that makes superior performance.

In addition to a large capacity of the battery, the telephone also comes with a micro-USB-complete with headphone socket.

For the past two weeks, the FCC are the specifications of the Realme 6i shows is displayed Water-Drops-Recess in the part of the screen.

Parts Of The Camera

In reviewing the specifications of HP Realme 6i, be aware that the phone Realme 6 4 has a rear camera with a resolution of up to 48 megapixels.

With the appearance of the lens 2 on the camera bottom looks pretty small. Allegedly the lens that contains the size of the 2 MP macro as well as the sensor module depth.

During the Realme 6i to the part of the front camera or selfie camera is in the notch stylish water drops. The front camera is 8 MP, which can be used for selfie or video calls.

Style like this is the same with the version on the Realme 5i. However, Realme 6i Color OS 7.0 is running. So the specifics of it is possible.

The Dimensions Of The Screen

Specifications HP Realme 6i dimensions, a weight of 195 grams and its size 164,4 x 75.x 9.0 mm. Info on the screen has not been reached.

However, due to its dimensions similar to the Realme 5i, allegedly, the size is still the same, namely, the panel of 6.52 inches and supports a resolution of 720 pixels.

The parts of the body, in the back of the Realme 6i there is also a fingerprint scanner. With this function, the security will increase, if you use this phone.

Kitchen Runway

We turn to the kitchen runway. As in the series Realme 5i, specifications Realme 6i also rely on the Snapdragon-665 in the kitchen spur.

Be completed because the specifications of the HP Realme 6i is coupled, together with RAM up to 4 GB. Also supports the internal memory up to 64GB.

For memory still can be expanded via the microSD card slot of up to 256 GB. So, you can see a lot of photos and other files.

This device is with Android 10. When using chipset Mediatek Helio G70 with the support of 4GB of RAM.

With the motherboard Agreat who has not been on the other devices. In the Realme 6i with 570 Single-core and 1683 CUR multi-core.


Not to doubt from the side of the connectivity, the specifications of the HP Realme 6i need. In addition, this smartphone embedded LTE (dual SIM slot, Wi-Fi b / g / n (2.4 GHz) and Bluetooth 5.0.

The connectivity is good, and the capability to capture, the internet signal is better.

You can use different types of information via the internet, it is better with a smartphone Realme 6i.

In addition, the social media, the smartphone can also be one of the best recommendations for you.

Battery Power

As already mentioned at the beginning, that the specifications of the HP Realme is 6i equipped with a power-5000mAh battery, which is filled with a power of 18W.

So you can be given the advantages of the functions of Quick charging. Charging current is fast and easy.

Please note that the FCC, Realme 6i was also certified by the existing Wi-Fi in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Russia.

This certainly gives a great overview about the launch of the phones output of the Realme of these.

Given that this was leaked is still a leaked early. Therefore, we are all waiting to get for some time, the specifications of the HP Realme 6i completely and also the price it offers. (R10/HR-Online)