Specifications HP-Vivo-V19 Pro 4-camera Capable of


HP-Vivo-V19 Pro
HP-Vivo-V19 Pro. Photo: Is/Net

Specifications HP-Vivo-V19 Pro is always the first thing searched by many people. So, with these guidelines, you can make a consideration before buying a smartphone.

Not only that, the specifications of the smartphone may smartphone, also in comparison with others. After the Start, a lot of products, the smartphone, the well-known manufacturer of this re-launch of the new smartphone.

Do not want to be outdone by its competitors, Vivo has also the smartphone is equipped with many advantages. This can be from the given specifications.

This time Vivo starts V19 Pro. Not only the smartphone version, Pro is this accompanied with the regular version. So Vivo is.the introduction 2 smartphone at the same time

Specifications HP-Vivo-V19 Pro with Many outstanding Features

Against the competition of its competitors, Vivo also do not want to miss the show of the teeth. A few months before, Vivo is working on a smartphone in the middle class.

The smartphone will be equipped with new things. Really, after working and tested, Vivo will launch its products.

HP-Vivo-V19 Pro and the normal version is the latest smartphone from Vivo. Both are in the family V. Hence, the Vivo also has a smartphone with the series Y also has a good quality.

Specifications HP-Vivo-V19 Pro, likely not disappoint. Especially with the various updates is carried out by the Vivo.

It is also a surprise from the Vivo to the consumer. According to reports, India is the first place the opening of the HP-Vivo-V19 Pro.

The first Premiere of the HP-Vivo-V19-Pro also comes with its regular version. The Pro version and the normal version would have a difference, though not too significantly.

Kitchen runway Powered by a Snapdragon

One of the specifications of the HP all-in-Vivo-V19 Pro the first is the implementation of a Qualcomm chipset. Opto design Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G is used, with a satisfactory performance. Chip implanted set, this makes the HP-Vivo-V19 Pro has decent performance.

Sectors kitchen runway, which they meet, to make their gaming activities and social media smoothly. It is an advantage of the smartphone Vivo at once the advantage for the user.

The kitchen runway that will not be independent of the capacity of the RAM area. HP-Vivo-V19 Pro has a RAM capacity of 6 GB.

Then the internal memory of 128 GB. Generous capacity, the user’s comfort.

Specifications HP-Vivo-V19 Pro also not independent from the energy supply sector. HP-Vivo-V19 Pro, it is equipped with a battery capacity of 4200 mAh. One of the advantages is despite of the large capacity battery, but is equipped with a quick charge.

Photographic needs with 4 cameras

HP-Vivo-V19 Pro not only reliable on the sector performance only. On the photography section was also equipped with a camera, which is very powerful.

No responsibility-responsibility, the HP all-in-Vivo-V19 Pro equipped with 4 cameras. The configuration is also very satisfactory.

Resolution 48MP embedded in the main camera. While the camera is 8 MP. Further, the uw-camera with 2 MP, which makes the picture more wide.

To sensor the depth of his own already pinned 2 MP camera. For the photography needs, the specifications of the HP-Vivo-V19 Pro is reliable.

Users can use this camera to keep every moment of it. Not only for taking pictures, this camera also supports recording. So you can get the Vivo-V19-Pro-record HD-quality+

In addition to a configuration that draws the attention, there are some other features that more interesting. This function is also in Vivo in the range of the camera.

Among them are the continuous shooting and High Dynamic are. There is even a face detection and also LED flash. Some of these functions set the result image is better.

In terms of design, HP-Vivo-V19 Pro has an elegant look. Then, the front camera on the top right of the page. The Display size is 6.5 inches and uses the Super AMOLED screen.

Specifications HP-Vivo-V19 Pro is in fact very satisfying. This time, HP-Vivo-V19 Pro, removable, with 2 color variants. Among them, the elegant blue and pink is not less elegant. (R10/HR-Online)