Specs of the Xbox series X from Microsoft


Specs of the Xbox series X from Microsoft

Technology news, (harapanrakyat.com).- Specs of the Xbox series X from Microsoft. The Xbox is a game console from Microsoft. And recently helped the competition between the Playstation, Nitendo GameCube, and Dreamcast to revive.

In 2019, Microsoft Xbox has latest modern. In competition with the Playstation 5, the specs of the Xbox series X is pretty cool to dikulik (peeled and examined).


Its predecessor, the Xbox One-X in the console, a game with the raw power of the most badass, even when compared to the Playstation 4.

Other implanted with the Xbox series X, the hardware, it is the latest, but also not much different with the Xbox One X.

Between Xbox-One-X-and the Xbox series of X equally rely on the CPU and GPU from AMD. Only for Xbox, X-series is the latest.


For the Xbox-X series is equipped with GDDR6 memory is the memory of the latest edition. But unfortunately, the capacity of the accommodated, which have not yet been disclosed, clearly.

The storage is coupled, the Microsoft use, select NVMe SSD, or what the user interface is logical and development of the standard-AHCI. The same as RAM, the memory capacity is also not advertised.


You don’t have to worry the game will get the usual quality of course, if the Xbox series X this. For max output resolution up to 8K, and with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

In the case of a Graphics processing Unit, or commonly referred to as a GPU, with AMD GPU – NAVI, it claims, the process is faster, the 12 TFLOPs.


Specs of the Xbox series, X-you need to know, then, about the design. This console is a Form that is similar to a CPU on a computer that has a rectangular size which is very typical for the Xbox.

Although the shape is rectangular and looks “full” is, To.him in a horizontal position or vertically

In the controller-the Xbox-X-series, with new features, the modern, which is the share button, can help the game player to perform image capturing while playing.

In addition, the controller also has a shape, the Gamer will not ever use comfortable, so that the feeling tired quickly, if you it has.


Other claims will be issued to the game, the console at the end of the year 2020 is also responsive on the console the most. Because it is technology, a car is-Low-Latency-mode and Dynamic-Latency Input.

Look at the specs of the Xbox series X modern these, who would not be tempted immediately to take home, and open it directly.

But, again, there are many secrets yet to be revealed, one of them about the price. However, if it is of interest, in fact, with Xbox, you can start saving now!

Xbox Seris X is a tough opponent for the Playstation 5 output Sony. Xbox X-series seems to be really well prepared to the interest of the players. (Deni/R4/HR-Online)