Speed ​​and recklessness, a deadly cocktail on the track

An 11-month-old baby was the victim of a recent crash on a valley road, The harrowing case brings the department’s other accident fatalities to 420 As of June 2023, more than half of these victims were motorcyclists.

That’s how the tragedy knocked on the door of a Silicon Valley family last Sunday. Baby girl just 11 months old turns out to be a painful statisticthose who were killed while driving, the assumptions were almost always for speeding.

“It happened because it was going too fast, out of control, it was ejected from the vehicle and it ended up hitting the pavement.”

Daniel Parra Valdés, Minister of Transport of Palmyra, spoke exclusively for this news programme.

They sent an alert from the National Highway Safety Administration Serious consequences will make you exceed the speed limit.

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“Today, speed is the main risk factor, number one nationally, because high speeds impede a driver’s reflexes.”

90 Minutes Exclusive addition of María Antonia Tabares, Director of the National Institute of Road Safety.

The outlook is gloomy. In the first six months of 2023 alone, 420 people will die in traffic accidents in the Cauca Valley. This equates to 15 more victims than the same period in 2022, which represents a 4% increase. Experts believe this should be addressed as a public health issue.

“When a person is involved in an accident as a result of trauma, the potential disability is high, outweighing the cost of medical care or the fatal consequences that death could mean.”

Victoria Soto, a mobility researcher at Assisi University, told this newscast

How about a panoramic view of Cali?

In Cali, panoramas are no different, 157 killed in road accidents in first half of 2023. However, as of September, the authorities emphasized that 18 lives had been averted compared to the 2022 expiration date.

“I’m not saying it in terms of percentages because that’s an almost cold statistic in the end, but we’ve saved 18 fewer deaths from these accidents so far this year on all roads in the city.”

Cali Transport Minister Javier Arias assured 90 Minutes.

Cali authorities have targeted the prevention strategy in the historically conflict-prone corridor, the 18 km and via Cañasgordas, There’s heavy traffic, plus speeding and sprinting, Raw statistics for Cali and its metropolitan area increased.

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“On the Cañas Gordas road we had zero traffic fatalities this year, but on the 18-kilometer corridor we had five fatalities last year and seven this year, we added two accidents, One incident occurred 20 days earlier in which two people died.

Added the head of Kali’s mobility.

Regarding this particular case that occurred on August 2, 2023, Two motorcycles collide head-on, killing two and seriously injuring two. Cases like this are part of the sea road problem where speeding motorcycles are the fatal protagonists.

“At 50 km/h, 50% of those affected (cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians) died. And at 60 km/h, which people say is not very high, 90% of the affected Influencers die.”

Andres Vecino, a researcher at Johns Hopkins University, told 90 Minutes.

The speed in the illegal sprint is greatly exceeded, increasing the runner’s practice For example the Cali-Palmyra straight line, 18 kilometers long, passes through Cañasgordas, Vía Cali – Candelaria, Cali-Autopista – Yumbo and Avenida Circunvalar in the capital of Valle.

“Boys, young men, they’re the ones to annoy. You have to be afraid they’ll get ahead of you”.

He details the 90-minute Darío Bermúdez – Inhabitant via al Mar.

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Similar to the situation of the merchant Héctor Robayo on the Km road, Nearly died by the recklessness of the road, “They went up mechs. Around nine o’clock in the evening, I got to work, but a boy took the corner and almost got ahead of me.

According to concessionaire Rutas del Valle, the department manages 310 kilometers of roads, including prevention strategies, To date, it has managed to reduce accident fatalities by 46%.

“The main reason is that we have installed some educational radars in these places to help users understand the speed limit when passing through these areas, and can manage their own speed in accordance with traffic laws.”

Harold Gómez, director of operations and maintenance at Rutas del Valle Concessionaire, told 90 Minutes.

Straight line Cali-Palmyra, The complex pathways by which accidents have occurred throughout historyIn 2022, the number of victims will hit an all-time high with 26 cases, with a rapid pace and a high death toll.

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“Drivers are not prepared to handle or steer their vehicles properly at high speeds. When they have been drinking or do not have the experience or expertise to drive at these speeds, there is a reduction.

said Daniel Parra Valdés, Palmyra’s Minister of Transport.

In addition to this complex panorama of the valley road, there is another victim, Pedestrians, motorcyclists responsible for 46% of deaths so far this yearmaking it the second most vulnerable player on the road in the region.

What are the strategies for improving these accident rate data? Stay tuned for part two of this 90-minute special.

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