Speed ​​- Keanu Reeves’ suggestion summed up his character perfectly.

Joss Whedon said that while reviewing the script for Speed ​​(1994), Keanu Reeves gave him an offer that instantly fit Jack Traven’s character perfectly.

Speed With Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock AND Dennis Hopper considered a classicaction Hollywood nineties: Joss Whedonwho co-wrote the film’s uncredited script, told The Hollywood Reporter how the lead actor gave him simple sentence which ideally defined the correct characterization of the character. Even if not all of Keanu’s wishes came true…
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Keanu Reeves and proposal to Joss Whedon about “Speed”

Despite the scenario of the first Speed was only assigned Graham Yostwho built the structure and the scenes, for I dialogues movie from Keanu Reeves other writers were involved, including Paul Attanasio and indeed Joss Whedon. Apparently, it was Whedon who wrote most of the dialogue, and for this he found it very productive to deal with Keanu, for whom a simple consideration put on Joss Right. Weedon says:

Reeves told me how to learn he spent time with SQUAT memberswhat they’ve always been unfailingly kind. He explained to me that they were only interested in resolving a dangerous situation, i. they all call “sir ma’am”. It caused something in me: “Now I understand this character!” For me, he was not a braggart, he was a man capable of out of the box thinking. He did what he thought was right, with a strange approach, but overall it worked out. That “sir ma’am” gave me so much because bragging were on the agenda and everything was the opposite. He also told me that he didn’t want to never draw a gun. But I answered him: “I don’t want you either, but, probably, it concerns you… the studio will let you kick her out!”

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