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Spider-Woman movie details leaked online

Olivia Wilde, known to viewers for her work on Tron: Legacy, will direct Spider-Woman. The information is transmitted by the publication Boda.

It is already known that the storyline will follow the comics: the main character will be Jessica Drew, who first appeared in Marvel Spotlight # 32, and subsequently received her own 50-episode graphic novel.

According to history, unlike in “Spider”, the girl was not bitten by insects, and she received superpowers as a result of the untested serum from the disease introduced. She was then put into a genetic accelerator in which her aging slowed down, and decades later, she emerged from there at the age of 17.

They are already looking for an actress for the role. She will be a 25-35 year old girl, which means that in the film it will not be a teenager, as in the comics. By the way, memory loss will surely be present, as in the original story.

The film will be produced by Amy Pascal (New Spider-Man Films, Venom) and written by Katie Zilberman (Don’t Worry Sweetheart). There is still no information about the start of filming and the date of the premiere.

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