Spiderman plays basketball with the boys: is it true Andrew Garfield | video

The actor took a break from filming the 2014 Sony film.

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Take a joint basketball court in Chinatown, New Yorkwhere children, as usual, play with the ball. Suddenly a man in a suit appears Spiderman and performs a few tricks with them, and then jumps around the city like a real superhero. And in the end it turns out who it was: Andrew Garfieldstill in the costume that took a break from filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 released in 2014.

unexpected surprise

The task of a superhero is not only to defeat evil: a self-respecting kind person must also demonstrate that he has a heart, small gestures kindness to your fellow citizens. This is exactly what happened on May 18, 10 years ago.

While on set The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Electro Power from 2014 Andrew Garfield still wearing stage costumehe left to raid Basketball court around. The scene was immortalized during filming in New York for the second and final chapter of the Sony saga. A few tosses together, a quick high-five with the palm of your hand, and we’re back to work.

New film

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Electro Power action adventure story telling Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, battling new enemies and old secrets. Film, director Mark Webbis the second chapter in the reboot saga that began in 2012 and represents the return of Andrew Garfield starring, joined by Emma Stone, Jamie Fox, Dane DeHaan and Sally Field. The film received mixed reviews from critics, who, while praising the action scenes and rapport between the two main characters, on the other hand, criticized the overly saturated plot and lack of consistency. The film collected at the box office $700 million worldwide, but was deemed a commercial failure compared to expectations.

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