Spiderman, the new movie you can watch for free on YouTube

If you are one of the many fans Spiderman, there’s something new that could be the turning point of your summer: a new movie starring the legendary Peter Parker has been available for a few days now. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out on the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) updates: Spiderman: Lotus, which is the name of the new film, is in no way associated with Marvel or Sony, i.e. the production companies that own the customary rights to Spider-Man and to whom we owe the latest Tom Holland films (and who, who knows, may soon have a fourth chapter). Instead, let’s talk about fan film, went non-profit through a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $100,000. It was launched in 2021 Gavin J. Konopan independent director and screenwriter who wanted to tell a very personal story with his favorite superhero at the center of it.

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Available in its entirety and for free on YouTube. Spiderman: Lotus talking about a young man Peter Parker (Warden Wayne) who has to face a very specific phase of his superhero identity: in fact, in a decisive battle against his nemesis the Green Goblin, a young man fails to save his girlfriend’s life. Gwen Stacy (Tyenne Powell). As such, he questions his work as a superhero and his relationships with friends Harry Osborne (Sean Thomas Reed) and Mary Jane Watson (Moriah Brooklyn). But it willmeeting with Tim (Maxwell Fox), a seriously ill kid and diehard Spider-Man fan, to convince him once again that the world needs heroes like him. The original plot is inspired by some storylines that have been little explored on screen so far, such as Kid who collects Spiderman (The child who assembled Spider-Man)backstory The Incredible Spiderman released in 1984, e Blue Spiderman2002 mini-series.

Although, to avoid any claims from Sony and Marvel Studios, Spiderman: Lotus was published completely free of charge on the director’s page, the film has so far been the subject of several contradictions. In fact, in the summer of 2022, old messages appeared on Twitter, sent by both Konop and the protagonist Wayne, containing racist, ableist and homophobic language; Konop was also accused of being disrespectful to the film’s actresses. Despite the apologies of those directly affected, in general special effects team he left production at that timeclaiming that the projectno longer matches what Spider-Man as a character means“. First of all, now that the film is available, fans will be able to appreciate the quality of the work that has already captured the attention of the former Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield as well as director Spiderman: No Way Home John Watts.

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