“Spitting in front of Leonardo DiCaprio was embarrassing”

Jennifer Lawrence has opened up about the incidents on the set of Don’t Look Up, including the day she spit in front of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Don't Look Up, Jennifer Lawrence: 'Spitting in front of Leonardo DiCaprio was embarrassing'

Jennifer Lawrence She is currently promoting her new film, No Hard Feelings, which was released in theaters on Wednesday, June 21, 2023. During the promotional tour, the actress appeared on the latest episode of Hot Ones, during which she opened up. don’t look up and embarrassing incidents on the set of the movie she’s with Leonardo Dicaprio,

While eating spicy chicken wings, Lawrence recounted all that happened during the making of the 2021 Oscar-nominated film. Hot Ones host Sean Evans asked the star which was more tragic: losing a tooth, swallowing its hole or being hit in the face by a piece of glass.

,Leonardo DiCaprio Was Involved In All Of These Incidents, Which Is A Shame“, joked the actress.You wouldn’t want to spit out something that just passed through your nose and have the Leo next to you asking, ‘What’s that?’. And you inevitably have to answer: ‘It’s piercing my nose,

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Don’t Look Up: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in One Image

,It was embarrassing, but worse was losing a tooth, yes, a tooth… Since I have veneers, I not only lost a tooth, but a whole chunk. It was the peak of the Covid pandemic and I couldn’t go to the dentist… So I had to shoot the whole movie ‘Don’t Look Up’ with Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio with a big hole in my mouth. so i guess i should say that the missing tooth incident was the most memorable“Jennifer Lawrence concluded.

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