Spongebob Squarepants : battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated presents a video of 7 minutes of gameplay


The developers of Purple Lamp Studios and the editor, THQ entertainment Nordic took advantage of the PAX EAST 2020 uncover 7 minutes gameplay spongebob : battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated.

In fact, here we are with a gameplay video shows us the mechanics of the game. The video starts with a short introduction, which shows that the cut-scenes, double-complete. In this case, it is voice-American, but not today say, if the game is doubled, and in English. A phase in the game, the following platforms are classic with a “jumper” to jump higher, to destroy crates… Technically, is the world of spongebob is colorful and the aspect of the “toonesque” strengthens the in addition to cartoon graphics. It is not pretty pleasing to look, even if, of course, is a master-stallion technical level. If you love the license, and gaming platforms, then this game should appeal to you. It is intended for an issue this year. In the meantime, the famous video is here :