Spotify: “Vetri neri” is the most listened to song of the summer

Anna Ava Capo Plaza

“Black Glass” From Ava, Anna and Capo Plaza most played song of summer 2023 Spotifyfollowed by “Hoe (feat. Sfera Ebbasta)” by Tedua with Sfera Ebbasta and the third “DISCO PARADISE” by Fedez with Annalisa and Article 31. This confirms the trend of successful collaboration between artists, an aspect that also allows the mixing of different styles and genres.

The success of Italian music, which is now constantly at the top of the local charts: in fact, all the songs in the top 20 are written by Italian artists, with the exception of the song “MIRAGE”, which, however, in addition to AriBeatz, Ozuna and GIMS, also sees a feat. Ebbast sphere. Balance in the Lazza Top 10 with “CENERE”, premiered at the Sanremo Festival 2023. Listen to the official Spotify playlist Summer 2023.

“This year we once again reveal the songs of summer to celebrate the incredible talent of our artists and testify to the passion of all music lovers. The data shows that the charts are full of hits from Italian artists, which shows that our artists continue to be trending and are the most listened to in our country.” he declared Melanie Parejo, Head of Music Southern Europe, Spotify.

Most Listened Songs of Summer on Spotify in Italy

  1. AVA, ANNA, Capo Plaza – “BLACK GLASSES”
  2. Tedua, Orb Ebbast – “Hoe (feat. Orb Ebbast)”
  3. Fedez, Annalisa, Article 31 – “DISCO PARADISE”
  4. Finesse, Shiva, Sfera Ebbasta, Guè – “Gelosa (feat. Shiva, Sfera Ebbasta, Guè)”
  5. Nuclear Tactical Penguins – “Steal My Night”
  6. Colors – “ITALODISCO”
  7. Drillionaire, Lazza, BLANCO, Sfera Ebbasta, Michelangelo – “BON TON (feat. Lazza, BLANCO, Sfera Ebbasta & Michelangelo)”
  8. Annalisa – “My Love”
  9. Geolier – “AS YOU WANT”
  10. Laza – “ASH”
  11. Angelina Mango – “We’ll Think About It Tomorrow”
  12. Alpha – “beautiful <3"
  13. Geolier, Marrakesh – “THE EVIL YOU DO TO ME (feat. Marracash)”
  14. Shiva, Ebbast Sphere – “A Million Times (feat. Ebbast Sphere)”
  15. Tony Effe, Emma, ​​Takagi and Ketra – Taxi to the Moon
  16. BLANCO, Mina – “A Bit Of Joy (feat MINA)”
  17. Rocco Hunt – “Let’s Fight No More”
  18. AriBeatz, Ozuna, GIMS, Sfera Ebbasta – “MIRAGE (feat. Ozuna, GIMS & Sfera Ebbasta)”
  19. Rove, Madfingertz – Pele
  20. Tedua, Baby Gang, Kid Yugi – “Artificial Paradise (feat. Baby Gang & Kid Yugi)”

Most listened to international artists in Italy

Taking a look at the hottest international songs this summer, we highlight the Puerto Rican superstar’s “WHERE SHE GOES”. bad rabbit“It Goes (Nanana)” by South Korean Producer and DJ Peggy Gouwhich established itself as the most streamed international song on Spotify’s Italian weekly chart for all weeks of August, and “Quevedo: Bzrrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52” by an Argentinian producer. Bizarrap and Spanish rapper Quevedoa huge hit with 1.4 billion plays worldwide, released in July 2022 and never left the Italian charts.

The most listened to artists in the world

outside Summer 2023on Spotify also available Summer songs, featuring songs of summer from around the world; Tops the global top 20 with over 390 million streams, there’s Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma this summer with their “Ella Bayla Sola». In second place on the list is “WHERE SHE GOES” by the author bad rabbitfollowed by “Seven (feat. Latto)” Jungkook and Latto which close the top 3.

Most Popular Songs of Summer on Spotify Worldwide

  1. “Ella Baila Sola” Eslabon Armado, Peso Pluma
  2. “WHERE SHE GOES” door Bad Bunny
  3. “Seven (feat. Latto)” Jungkook, Latto
  4. “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift
  5. “La Bebe – Remix” by Inga Lvkas, Peso Plum
  6. “un x100to” by Grupo Frontera, Bad Bunny
  7. “Flowers” Miley Cyrus
  8. “Daylight” by David Kushner
  9. “Sprinter”, Dave, Central Cee
  10. “The Way It Was” by Harry Styles
  11. “Cupid – Gemini Ver”. from FIFTY FIFTY
  12. “LALA” by Mike Towers
  13. “Kill Bill” by SZA
  14. “Peso Pluma: Bzrp Music Sessions Volume 55” by Bizarrap, Peso Pluma
  15. “Vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo
  16. “Dance The Night (from the Barbie Album)” door Dua Lipa
  17. “Classy 101”, Fade, Young Miko
  18. “TQM” by Force Regida
  19. “I Wanna Be Yours” by Arctic Monkeys
  20. “Calm Down (with Selena Gomez)” Rema, Selena Gomez

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