Spray tanning, how much it costs and how it works

Miley Cyrus is the face of the tanning lineSpray tan again in high demand, especially in the city, and everyone sees the rebirth of the nineties. If we then add new self-tanners from beauty houses, we have one certainty: fake tan is back. And another confirmation comes from Treatwell, an online booking platform for salons and beauty centers (treat well.), who have seen an increase in traffic to all tanning services, recording an 89% increase in requests for these treatments in Italy over the past year.

A new interest in sunless tanning, which, however, is no longer just an aesthetic requirement. And this is perhaps the biggest difference compared to the past, as confirmed by Carlotta Niccolò, who founded BTan 12 years ago (btan.it), a self-tanning service that imports products from the United States: “Italians have always been more accustomed to rays, real from the sun or artificial from lamps, but at the same time, awareness of UV damage has increased, as has the incidence of melanoma and sun allergies. That is why today self-tanning products are chosen from a different point of view, there is a desire to see yourself better, yes, but alsoI stay young and make safe choices. Among my clients are also former cancer patients, people with vitiligo, or those who need to be careful in the sun.”

The market is more ready today and there has been a post-Covid boom, especially in the service sector tanning spray in which the tan is sprayed with a special airbrush at affordable prices. Success depends on a combination of factors: adequate skin preparation (read: peeling 24 hours before the procedure), the use of high-quality products, the absence of sweat, aggressive detergents and tight clothing immediately after the procedure. But it’s all about the skill of the tanner, just like the make-up, Niccolo says:You must modulate the color by phototype, it’s a very individual job and you can even imagine contouring to accentuate curves or muscles.” And then there are brides and tourists: “In addition to Italians, we have many foreign clients who live in Milan or come here to get married. And then there are vacationers, the wives of footballers, influencers… But there are those who don’t want to come to the beach pale or not very tanned, those who have an event or call out of curiosity,” says Agostina De Angelis from Tanitaly. – At the first interview, you determine the desired result. And I can say that those who try always come back.”

Fixed-life tanning products:

self tanning gelée self tanning express makeup and body by clarinsBuy here

Modeled complexion and hydrated skin: Self Tan Gelée Auto-Bronzante Express Visage et Corps by clarence.

Courtesy of Clarins
Hydrant bodies super soin autobronzant by sisleyBuy here

An alternative to the sun that brightens and nourishes the skin with hibiscus flower extract: Super Soin Autobronzant Hydratant Corps bySisley.

Courtesy Sisley
Luminous Island by Twelve Beautiespinterest icon

It has a special formula in the form of an oil and a super moisturizing gel: Glow Island bytwelve beauties (48 euros, on twelvebeauty.it).

Courtesy of Twelve Beauties
collistar magic face dropsBuy here

They can be used alone or mixed with the day cream: Gocce Magiche Viso byCollistar.

Contributed by Collistar
rvb lab smart tan brightening face creamBuy here

Gives a progressive and golden tan: Smart Tan Brightening Cream of IncarnateRVB laboratory .

Provided by RVB LAB
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