Spring 2023 nail trends: colors, patterns, tips

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Spring 2023 nail trends. The new season is coming and showing well-groomed nails and hands, in perfect line with the spring theme, is starting to be a very difficult undertaking if you don’t know the trends of the year well. On the web, wandering through social networks, we witness a daily bombardment of different examples, images and looks to follow for the beauty and image of our nails.

But what are the trends for spring 2023? Let’s find out together here on tag24.

Spring 2023 nail trends: what color to go for?

Nails for the coming spring. Colors, nail art, tips and tricks for the new season.

As far as the shape is concerned, we will see a lot of competitiveness between almond-shaped and arrow-shaped nails, even very long and suitable for those who prefer to dedicate themselves to a very built and particularly elaborate nail art.

But how should you adjust with the choice of colors for spring?

Hands with fresh, pastel shades or a more natural look. The simplest, but also elegant nails are those related to the spring season.

To follow the trend of the year, the first tip is to never give up a touch of naturalness, even in the case of original styles.

During spring, to be on the safe side, you can try pastel colors.

Another kind of nail style, to show for this spring, are lipgloss nails: very shiny nails with a “dew effect”.

The Micro French Manicure look is also interesting and elegant, both in the white version and in the colored version. Let’s delve into each of these fantasies.

Spring 2023 nail trends: lipgloss and French Manicure

In general, there is a real return to the minimal look. Lipgloss nails are becoming more and more popular. They are so called because the effect on the nails recreates that obtained by applying a transparent lip gloss (of the nude type) over the lips. The nails in this way are bright, shiny, natural. They are also a favorite among superstars like Jennifer Lopez.

The French Manicure for spring reinvents itself with its minimal and multicolor versions that can mix different colors for each nail of the hand: from yellowish tones to light purples and blues. The rule is to keep delicate tones, pastel colors and atmospheres reminiscent of spring. These fantasies are very suitable, with the arrival of Easter day, almost as if to recall the tones of the eggs that can be seen on postcards.

Still for the choice of colors, we see that this year pink triumphs. It doesn’t matter whether this has a stronger impact, tending towards fuchsia, or which is closer to nude. Also welcome is Barbie pink, perhaps on trend this summer and starting from the first announcements of the film with Margot Robbie, directed by Greta Gerwig.

For those who are bolder and intend to use bright colors, yellow is among the most recommended ever, if accompanied by glitter of the same color.

The “non-color colors” and the milky manicure

Another trend for this new 2023 season is the use of neutral tones, or those that in common parlance are called “non-color colors”. In this scene, transparent nail polish and bare nails dominate, perhaps with some detail or small application capable of attracting the attention of the observer to the hand.

Also the “milky manicure” is one of the most followed trends for the coming spring. We are talking about a bright and glossy milky white that shows the effect of a very accurate and delicate hand, in perfect line with the softer season of the year. Such a clear look goes well with ceremonies such as baptisms, weddings or similar occasions.

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