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Even if the days are still cold, the warm season is approaching, and we can bring a spring touch to our hands. Here are the trendy colors, nail art and shapes for Spring 2023 nails

The Spring 2023 nails they are creative, sophisticated and at the same time simple. Embellished with pretty colorful and floral details. Can be combined with any shape, whether they are square, round, almond or medium length nails.

Among the most popular trends we find the nude manicuresthe pastel French and nail art with floral theme. Also in great demand animal manicure. Let’s discover together numerous ideas from which to take inspiration for the summer.

Spring 2023 nails: a thousand shades of pink

The protagonist color in Spring 2023 nails and the rose in all its forms: from the most delicate ones such as face powder and the antique pink to the livelier ones like the coral. In particular, these colors are combined with short nails with a rounded shape. Ideal one one-color manicure or embellished by contrasting details.

Spring 2023 nails, trendy colors and nail art

Nude manicures

Back in style manicure naked. Elegant, simple and sophisticated, she has already conquered all the celebrities. We find among the first to show it off Selena Gomez And Margot Robbie. Just apply a light and homogeneous layer of luminous coat. A simple and easy to make manicure to enhance our natural nails.

French manicure

If there is one certainty it is that the french manicure it never goes out of style. After preparing the nail, apply a slightly pink base coat. To make the french then use a fine-tipped brush. White, colored or glittered… indulge your imagination!

Spring 2023 nails, trendy colors and nail art

Animal manicure

If you want to dare the animal manicure it suits you. In matte, glossy or with golden details. For a more chic effect, you can color just the ring finger, choosing matching nuances for the other fingers. The color is very sophisticated browntrend of this season.

Spring Nails 2023: floral print

Dominate the trends Spring 2023 nails the press too floral. So loved that they have become an evergreen among the manicures for the summer. Cherry blossoms, daisies and roses decorate our hands. To accomplish this nail art it is possible to use semi-permanent, gel color and water-based acrylic colours.

Spring 2023 nails, trendy colors and nail art

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