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  • From next Monday (18th) to 22nd (Friday), the pediatric hospital will set up three vaccination stations in the central corridor.
  • In addition, the dermatology service will provide advice on preventing and controlling acne in teenagers.
  • Those taking part in vaccinations must present ID and a card, but the latter is not the only one.

Within the framework of the Spring Week, from Next Monday the 18th until Friday the 22ndpediatric hospitals will expand capacity Vaccination and will provide Acne consultation and advice.

in this case Vaccinationthe center aisle will add three more positions they can access Families and people of all agesin the schedule 9:00 to 17:00. Where applicable, doses for Covid-19 and influenza will be provided on the national card. ID and vaccination cards are required, but the latter is not the only one.

At the same time, the hospital’s dermatology services will provide Tips for preventing and controlling acne for teenagers Maximum 15 yearswithin the following time 9:00 to 15:00.

In this regard, hospital director Héctor Ferreyra said: “The idea is to help teenagers with or without symptoms or concerns about acne, a common pathology in adolescence that has the potential to leave permanent consequences and, most importantly, at an age when acne is developing in a person, It affects self-esteem. Personality, early diagnosis and treatment are important.”

This campaign complements those already carried out this year in hospitals, vaccine nights and the July holidays, which aim to raise awareness of prevention and health, especially among young people and among the general population.

Héctor Ferreyra – Director of the Pediatric Hospital

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