Square Enix Give the Demo to Final Fantasy VII Remake for Free Today!


INDOZONE.ID Although the release date was moved to April 2020, currently Final Fantasy VII Remake is still one of the games most-awaited by the players, especially to the user console, the PlayStation 4.

But Square Enix today, the compensation of the fans to start in connection with the delay of the release date of the games, the demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake for free.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo
Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo (photo/PlayStation Store)

Yes, the current users of the PlayStation 4 can play the demo of Final Fantasy VII-console Remake for free, you. Note that the demo-bring a stage that the gameplay is up to 1 hour to the players.

The mission played in the demo Phase of the bombing mission, Mako reactor, by the way, the first mission of the game, if they have officially released later.

If you already play the demo of the game, you just need to wait until April 10 just to play this game in full.

For your information, the game Final Fantasy VII Remake will also be launched on the PC platform, but a year after the game was released on the PlayStation 4, or, more precisely, on the 10. April 2021.

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