Square Enix Releases Video documentary of the Making of Final Fantasy VII Remake


INDOZONE.ID This time Square Enix is getting ready to release a game RPG (Role-playing Game) to be new, that Final Fantasy VII Remake after the previous party Square Enix to delay the release of the game on April.

You dampen the disappointment of most fans, Square Enix uploaded a video documentation of the making of the game has Final Fantasy VII Remake. In the video it is described how such games can be re-created.

Also, Square Enix presents the creators of such games ranges from Yoshinori Kitase, Tetsuya Nomura and a few other authors that come together to help the development of the game Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Note that the video lasted 22 minutes, this is only the first episode only. So there is the possibility of Square Enix for the launch of the second episode of the video documentation of this, if the game already started.

For your information, the game Final Fantasy VII Remake itself will be published shortly on April 10, 2020 arrives, exclusively on PlayStation 4. But in the year 2021, this game is sure to release for the PC platform.

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