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“Cuadrado needs to rest,” Allegri had said in the preview of the match against Fiorentina, which was heading for a zero-tie until the Colombian entered and put together a game with which he scored 1-0 in full time. Round business for Juan Guillermo and for the Juventus, who won in Serie A after three games.

Cuadrado gave the victory to Juventus.

Cuadrado gave the victory to Juventus.

The game had offered few emotions. Especially in favor of Juventus, surpassed by a Fiorentina more likely to generate danger. But everything changed after the expulsion of Milenkovic, 28 ‘into the second half, for a double yellow: with one less, the visit was forced to retreat and the local began to dominate the match.

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It was then that Allegri reached in and ordered Cuadrado to warm up, former Fiorentina player, who in the first minute of discount he beat goalkeeper Marco Terracciano, who had been saved by the post shortly before after a powerful shot by Federico Chiesa.

The moment before Cuadrado's shot at goal.

The moment before Cuadrado’s shot at goal.

Until then, Lucas Martínez Quarta, recently summoned by Lionel Scaloni to the Argentine National Team for the upcoming double date of the South American Qualifiers, he had sustained la Fiore with an outstanding performance. Paulo Dybala, another of those mentioned, was also a starter at Juventus.

Dybala and Martínez Quarta were starters at Juventus and Fiorentina, respectively.

Dybala and Martínez Quarta were starters at Juventus and Fiorentina, respectively.

With this victory, Juve overtakes Fiorentina and moves into eighth place, although still far behind the leaders. They are thirteen points behind Milan and Napoli, who play this Sunday against Inter and Verona, respectively, with one more game.

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