SSa confirms 16 deaths in Mexico by Covid-19


Listen the note:

The Secretariat of Health given to know that there have been 16 deaths in Mexico by Covid-19, as well as 848 confirmed cases and 2 thousand 623 suspected cases.

“We are in a period of rapid expansion in the number of cases of Covid-19”, indicated Hugo Lopez-Gatell, undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion.

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In a press conference, reported that the sectors that will continue to operate for the sanitary contingency, are the food, water, energy, cleaning service.

López-Gatell he did emphatically call for the citizenry to stay home to prevent contagion, and presented graphs of the curve epidemic of cases accumulated in Mexico.

He added that “the number of people that can die, it depends on a lot of the interventions that we do. The majority of people are going to be infected; of these, 8 out of every 10 will have a mild illness and 5% to 6% will require medical review”.

For his part, the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard, indicated that it had repatriated a little more than 8 thousand people with the support of airlines. In the countries that have closed borders, there have been special flights with the intervention of the Mexican Air Force.

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