Ssa: in this moment, there are no shortage of blood, but should be prevented


The Secretariat of Health (Ssa) reported that by now there is no shortage of bloodbut it should prevent that possibility in the spread of the pandemic coronavirus or COVID-19 in Mexico.

Jorge Enrique Trejo Gómora, director-general of the National center of Blood Transfusion (CNTS), explained at a press conference that “at this time there is no shortage of bloodbut the measures are prosecuted to prevent this shortage, however we face the panorama complicated, but we must say that the blood donation should continue”.

In this situation, Trejo Gómora presented the strategy to the blood supply during the pandemic of COVID-19, which consists of the following four points:

  • Optimize reserve of blood components stored
  • To give continuity to the services of blood
  • To ensure safety of the donor and the staff of the blood bank
  • To prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the chain transfusion

The director of the CNTS he also made a call to the population not to stop donate blood, which established the telephone numbers 55 63 92 22 70, 55 63 92 22 71 and 55 63 92 22 50 the 99 with the Extensions 51656, 51670 and 51674, where you will be able to address questions about the donation, at which time they can donate, as well as schedule an appointment at the donation bank is closer and more secure to carry it out.

The Secretariat of Health (Ssa) presented the progress of the cases of coronavirus or COVID-19 in Mexico, where it was reported that up to the present time, there are 3 thousand 441 positive, 10 thousand 105 suspects, 17 thousand 950 negative and 194 deceased persons by the disease.

“The Mexico city and the State of Mexico are the entities that now have a transmission more active so far the spread of coronavirus in the country,” he explained Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

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