Ssa reports 125 dead and two thousand 439 confirmed cases


This Monday April 6,the director-General of Epidemiology of the Secretariat of HealthSSa), José Luis Alomía, reported that in Mexico there are two thousand 439 confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID-19.

From National Palace, the director-General of Epidemiology Secretariat of Health indicated that it had registered the the death of 125 mexican because of the COVID19.

The Secretariat of Health (SSa) reported that at the court of this Monday, April 6in Mexicothe 58% of the confirmed cases are men while the 42% are women, being in their majority adults of about 44 years of age and the minor child is less affected

In a press conference from the National Palace, José Luis Alomía, director General of Epidemiology Secretariat of Health, said that the average distribution of deaths confirmed by age group are the 75% men those who have died

As of today, the ministry of Health has knowledge of 6 thousand 295 suspected cases of COVID-19, which they hope results of the screening test; have also been ruled out 11 thousand 741 cases.

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