Star Wars, big news for the new series. And they touch one of the most beloved characters

Universe star Wars continues to expand: pending Daisy Ridley new moviesannounced a few weeks ago, there is an important innovation related to one of the following episodes that LucasFilm is developing for Disney+.

As you know, I am not alone in developing Acolyte (where even Keanu Reeves should debut) Skeleton Team and inevitable Ahsoka, but also other projects that aim to explore the galaxy of characters and stories associated with the imaginary Star Wars. Some of them directly target some famous faces: after Boba Fettwill affect even Lando Carlissian to have his own series.

Series Landauwe now know will be written directly by his young translator Donald Glover with his brother Stefan. According to what was reported Above the linean actor who lent his face to Solo: A Star Wars Story From Ron Howard 2018 is ready to give everything to explore the character’s past.

Glover, popular serial actor such as Community AND Atlantaas well as a successful singer under the pseudonym Baby Gambinoranks Justin Simienoriginally announced by Kathleen Kennedy to helm the series about Landau. To play smuggler, it is taken for granted that it is always him. Just a few days ago, a stakeholder stated that he did not know how the project was going.

The character, recall, was originally played Billy Dee Williams beginning with Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back AND Return of the Jedi. He also returned for the last time in Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise From JJ Abrams, to date the last great film of the saga to hit theaters. Daisy Ridley will again make sure to fill the void with her new film, the possible title and plot of which have already been revealed.

As for Lando, this has not yet been disclosed. release date on Disney+.

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