Star Wars films by Kevin Feige and Patty Jenkins archived

Kevin Feige and Patty Jenkins will no longer head to a galaxy far, far away according to the latest rumors: plans for Star Wars are wrecked.

Kevin Feige of the Marvel universe and Patty Jenkins well known especially to fans of Wonder Woman they greeted Star Wars. Both had some projects in the pipeline to develop with Lucasfilm, but after years of the last update it seems that they will have to do without a galaxy far, far away. As reported by EWLucasfilm’s interest in recent years has gone above all to small screen products as demonstrated by the success of The Mandalorian And Andor.

Star Wars says goodbye to Kevin Feige and Patty Jenkins: archived their films for Lucasfilm

As it reports variety, both Kevin Feige (Marvel) and Patty Jenkins (DC) projects for the Star Wars universe were trashed. At the moment, in fact, both projects are no longer under development. News that shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering Kevin Feige’s massive commitment to the Marvel Studios. Being its president, he is currently busy with new products arriving on the big and small screens, even more so after the launch of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania through which he presented Phase 5 of the MCU. For Star Wars, he would have made a film whose title is still unknown today. As EW reports, we only know that he had chosen his screenwriter, Michael Waldron. The latter also appears in some Marvel projects such as Loki And Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Plus he was picked by Kevin Feige as well for Avengers: Secret Wars.

For its part, Patty Jenkins swallowed another bitter pill within a few months. In addition to having archived Rogue Squadron for Star Wars, the director also said goodbye to the third film on Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot. It was confirmed James Gunn, new president of DC Studios. Even though the Patty Jenkins film was scrapped, Gunn has promised fans that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman will return, though he doesn’t know how or when. The only survivor at the moment appears to be Taika Waititi: his film for Star Wars has not yet been trashed and, indeed, according to some rumors reported by variety in addition to appearing as a director, he could also make his contribution as an actor in the cast.

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