Star Wars suspends development of Rangers of the New Republic

Things are finally going well for Star Wars. Perhaps the saga failed to turn the sequel trilogy, and its spinoff films, into a phenomenon, but on television things go as far as they can after the success of The Mandalorian – 91%. This with one small exception: Rangers of the New RepublicAfter being announced last year, that series that would star Cara Dune, Gina Carano’s character, has been postponed indefinitely.

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In an interview with Empire, Kathleen kennedy, the president of Lucasfilm, the studio that controls Star Wars, confirmed that nothing has been done about Rangers of the New Republic. This show, supposedly, was going to follow some of the characters that were introduced to us in Jon Favreau’s series, including the one who did Gina Carano. However, it sounds like all these plans have finally been scrapped:

We have never written any script or anything like that about her (Rangers of the New Republic). I’m sure some of her is going to appear in future episodes of The Mandalorian.

Previously, it had been reported in May of this year that the show was not in development, despite its announcement.

Beyond the disagreement with Carano for his comments, Star Wars has had trouble finding the way to the future of the franchise. Single The Mandalorian has been able to present original characters that fans have been able to grow fond of. Beyond that series, the saga has once again appealed to its protagonists of the past with future series such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano and The Book of Boba Fett.

When it comes to movies, the studio is in even worse shape. A long list of directors have parted ways with them, after joining to direct deliveries for the saga, after facing poor creative control or differences of that nature with executives. Supposedly, several more trilogies were in development, but as far as is known, only the series are in development and production.

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Kennedy’s bid to be cautious and let fans reveal to him which show characters they want to continue accompanying and which ones perform better than others is risky, but perhaps safer than spending hundreds of millions on film that may not be attractive to audiences. followers, even when they can be about beloved characters like he learned the bad Han Solo.

For now, Star Wars fans can wait Boba Fett’s book, series that will premiere the last week of December, and then Obi-Wan Kenobi by the end of the first quarter of 2022. It is known that also the third season of The Mandalorian – 91% is rolling, which could lead to its release by the end of next year. Although we will surely have much greater clarity about the future of the saga on May 4, the day it is celebrated and announcements about upcoming deliveries are usually given.

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