Starfield: Bethesda’s space epic lives up to its promises and more

If you look up at the night sky and dream of living among the stars, exploring the unknown, Starfield is the closest space adventure that can make that dream come true while we’re still on Earth. The video game we studied for almost 90 hours is real masterpiece dives as a space explorer: you will feel that you are on the edge of the known universe and that its fate is in your hands. If you’ve been looking forward to this title because, like this writer, you’ve always dreamed of going to the stars not to colonize, but to discover and spread, then Starfield is everything you were promised and more.

Your starting character in pure Bethesda style. it’s almost completely white canvas therefore, you will be able to shape his background, his views and his talents in the way they most reflect you, or according to the skills you find most useful in facing the vast cosmos. Where Starfield excels, however, is in carrying the sense of belonging to one of the mid-to-late 19th-century explorer’s clubs 300 years into the future. Only now the goal is no longer to find the source of the Nile, but to unravel the primeval mystery of our entire universe.

As for the gameplay, we can say with certainty that Bethesda has never released such a solid game in its history.. We only encountered a few NPCs trying to get past the bench, but other than that everything worked great. So the game interface is a design master class as 95% of the features you need on a regular basis are presented on one screen, all organized into very easy to navigate menus and subpages. From weapon control to skill management, missions, destinations and spaceships, everything is at your fingertips with a controller, mouse and keyboard.

The only advice we can give you is to let the main campaign explain all the game systems to you, from persuasion to factions, outposts and companions, and then once you’re done, go on your own adventures. a story that lasts about 40 hours. Resist the temptation to join one group over another so as not to limit your options, and once the mystery of the Constellation is revealed, you will be free to conquer the entire known universe of the Starfield, planet by planet. As such, Starfield is one of the best and most intuitive space combat for beginners in the last 10 years. A 5-minute tutorial is all it takes and you too will be ready to start your career as a space pirate, boarding enemy and even friendly ships, but beware of smuggling, it can make landing on any planet more difficult than expected.

There is only one aspect where we have had to adjust our expectations: gunplay. Starfield is designed to be semi-realistic, so don’t expect fast-paced gunfights in zero gravity. On the other hand, her combat is much more grounded, her weapons are less futuristic than we expected, and the flow of the game this is more like a cover shooter not full fps. Enemies need to be hit from cover, methodically and patiently, running into their faces with a shotgun will only make you die badly, trust us, we tried.

In these scenarios and before a tense moment it’s always good to save money, an action that can be performed at almost any time. So you will have time and opportunity to make a mistake, but without losing 10 minutes of the fight. As with all Bethesda games, among the many side quests it is very easy to get lost, tasks and faction missions. Try to resist this temptation as much as possible during the main campaign, because you may find yourself in dangerous situations due to lack of ammunition or insufficient skill levels. Give the main story time and you won’t be disappointed by its development, the locations it lets you discover (from a wild west-like planet with bank robberies to a cyberpunk town where meth is mined from fish) and the characters you’ll meet.

You will be able to hire any partner, fall in love and build your dream home on the gas giant moon revolving around the blue giant. This game never bored us, even when we traveled to distant planets, scanning strange plants and unusual fauna. Everything has a purpose and every discovery is a step forward for Constellationan exclusive club of space explorers that you will join.

Starfield can evoke the same sense of wonder in the face of the unknown as masterpieces like Interstellar and Treasure Planet. It will make you feel special and at the same time a tiny speck in an (almost) infinite universe. give you a greater purpose than yourself, but everything revolves around your desires and your curiosity. You don’t need manuals, tutorials, hints or builds, trust in your little inner explorer and develop the talents you like the most and team with the companions you like the most, the rest will come by itself. With this game that Coming Day 1 to Xbox Game PassWhat’s more, you have no excuse not to try a true masterpiece that completely redefines what a video game action in space means.

– Riccardo Lichen

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