Starfield, the most beautiful characters created by players: from Dafoe to Shrek, passing through Obama

Creating characters in a role-playing video game has always been a fundamental element for fans of the genre, both for those who like to create completely original personalities that very often carry over from one game to another, and for those who want to copy people and existing characters. Star fieldlike other Bethesda games, it attracted many users of both categories, and the creativity of the players showed itself at its best when creating double originating from other narrative universes or the real world.

As always when it comes to player creations, the best showcase is undoubtedly Reddit, whose Starfield section offers us some truly incredible characters. Players have been choosing to carry with them for some time now. Todd Howard in the game he’s the director of previously through some fun mods, but u/CheesyWhales posted a post where he managed to create a character that was actually similar.

Many other players have been inspired by the world of entertainment, ranging from actors such as the famous Willem Dafoe, well known in the nerd community for his role as the Green Goblin in several Spider-Man films, to important figures in the film industry. musical panorama such as David Bowie in Ziggy Stardust, whose iconic makeup was recreated as accurately as possible, and Kanye West, who has already experienced space in one of his songs with Katy Perry. Even former US President Barack Obama seems to have decided to find a job on another planet.

However, as always, it is the fictional characters that attract the most attention from players. Thus, on Starfield, there are those who created the Tony Soprano look-alike, perhaps the most charming character of The Sopranos, played by James Gandolfini, the Doom Slayer, the iconic protagonist of Doom, recreated only in his historical armor, Beans. Fett with the face of Temuera Morrison, who played him in the Disney+ series The Book of Boba Fett, and Mike Ehrmantraut, who was played by Jonathan Banks in the films Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, in which he played a key role.

Last but not least, it is, of course, character Shrek, which now appears in every role-playing video game ever made, is always recreated with mixed results. However, it’s definitely hard to do better than what u/Bimbocsavar showed in this Reddit post, especially considering the difficulty of bringing non-human characters to life in an editor not designed for it.

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