Start getting flu and COVID vaccinations: ‘The sooner the better’

Isabel Ajenjo was the first recipient of the award on Monday Flu and COVID-19 vaccines Antonio Saura’s house in the Actur neighborhood of Zaragoza. Under the watchful eyes of colleagues in the center and the media, Isabel decisively positioned her left arm. “It’s better than getting COVID. It’s painful and I’m used to it, so the sooner the better,” said Isabelle, who was infected with COVID-19 but still living at home. “I’ve been vaccinated every year since it started,” he added.

Isabel followed Concha, Fina, Amparo, etc. until they arrived The residence has 40 users. “Everyone will be vaccinated today.They feel calm and happy because they know it’s best for them, they know it protects them,” said Antonio Mayor, director of the center. “In this case staff There are 17 people, but not all of them will get the vaccine. This happens all the time,” he added.

COVID-19 is ‘tough’ at this house because Number of registered deaths. “In November 2020, we had the first outbreak, which came late but had a big impact on us. In 2021, the second wave came, but it was much milder and there were no hospitalizations or anything else,” the city said. Long pointed out. The overall situation has improved as vaccinations become a reality. “This protection is evident because we have individual cases, but they are very soft cases,” the director added.

Professional team travels to Antonio Saura Medical staff at Actur Norte Health Center Continue immunizations. “It didn’t hurt me. I didn’t notice anything,” Juan Esteban said after the puncture.

The prediction is Vaccination in nursing homes Aragon Will be completed within the next two weeksso that from October 16, protection can begin between professionals in health centers and high-risk groups, and this year, smokers are also included, a new initiative.

infantile syncytial virus

Estíbaliz Tolosa, General Manager of the Nursing and Humanization Department, and Begoña Adiego, Head of the Prevention and Health Promotion Department, have traveled to the Actur Center. “We have to send a message to encourage people to get vaccinated. Health department expands budget for this We hope it will be a great campaign,” Tolosa said.

Predicting flu movement and respiratory viruses in general this fall is difficult. “We don’t have a crystal ball,” Adigo said. “our target is More than 75% of this elderly group and health workers, whom we particularly encourage. For seniors, good coverage is always achieved,” Adigo said.

Refers Availabilitythose with the flu have already been infected, while those with the new coronavirus “gradually” entered the system.

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