Start Phase 4 by Covid-19 in San Pedro Garza



The Municipal Government of San Pedro Garza García will deliver, starting this Friday, the access filters in the inputs of the municipality, as part of the measures to the health emergency by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Secretariat of Public Security Municipal implement starting at 7:00 pm Friday Phase 4 of the Operating to meet the emergency of the COVID-19, with the participation of around 300 elements in filters located at all the entrances of the municipality 24 hours a day.

The elements of police will be able to take the temperature of the motorists and ask them about your state of health. In the same way, they will be able to ask them the reason of your visit to the municipality and may be ordered to return to their homes or to take an alternate route if they are not residents of San Pedro or you are not doing any activity is essential.

The operation will be extended to the units of public transport circulating in the municipality, so that the elements of police shall follow the same procedure with the users.

The officers follow a strict protocol to maintain the security and hygiene in their interactions with citizens, and must carry at all times gloves and mask, as well as a hand sanitizer or hand sanitizers.

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By Phase 3, the hoy no Circula is for all cars, see details



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