Start Rare, the price for the console, Nintendo Switches in the United States Increased Very High


INDOZONE.ID The presence of the corona virus in some countries with the scarcity of goods. The scarcity of health accessories, such as masks, to eat. But it turns out, the rarity, it is the end of You know!

Please note that due to an outbreak of the corona virus console portable Nintendo switch to be difficult, in the United States. This makes the price of the console, Nintendo Switches in the United States increased dramatically in the online Shop.

In addition, the current user of the console Switches are shocked by the presence of the game Animal Crossing: New Horizon. You are aware of the fact that the game sold out in a matter of hours to a retail store in the United States.

Console Nintendo-Switch
Console Nintendo-Switch (Photo/Unsplash/Claudio Black)

Supposedly, the price of the Nintendo to Switch, is normally priced at US $300 in this period increased to US$439 on Amazon. While the lite-version of his own rose from US$200 to US$230.

Party Nintendo also apologized for the shortage and said that they continue to renew the portfolio in the future.

Nintendo themselves Change, as this is an alternative for a lot of people to entertain themselves while in the house. Because the console price to wear with a pretty cheap price and easily to anywhere.

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