Statement issued by RFEF is not that of Jeanne Hermoso, says Spanish media

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) lied about Jeanne Hermoso’s statement and circulated it to the Spanish media. This was confirmed by after investigations of eyewitnesses and anonymous sources.

Following the incident, which was identified as sexual harassment and abuse, the Spanish Football Federation contacted a number of media outlets and agencies such as AFP or EFE and brought the footballer’s allegations that they should not have been more involved Consider this.

The alleged statement reads:

“It was a completely spontaneous mutual gesture because winning the World Cup brings great joy to people. The president and I have a great relationship, and he has behaved wonderfully towards all of us, which is a natural feeling and gratitude The gesture of friendship and gratitude cannot be overturned, we have won the World Cup and we will not stray from the important things.”

The statement released by RFEF is not from Jenni Hermoso

Relevo reporter Natalia Torrente revealed in her investigation that a source assured Statement released by Jenni Hermoso does not belong to the player.

make sure these words “Written by the Federal Department of Communications”. Although the news was quickly passed on to the media, she never spoke directly.

“Hey, I don’t like it. (…) But what do I do? Look at me, look at me!”is Jenni Hermoso’s only official statement.

Luiz Rubiales Jorge Verda
Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) President Luiz Rubiales and Spain head coach Jorge Verda watch as Spain’s acting prime minister receives players after the Spanish national football team won the 2023 World Cup.PHOTO: PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP

Rubiales asks Jeanne Hermoso to defend him in a joint statement

Relevo’s investigation also ensured that RFEF president Luis Rubiales “begged Jenni Hermoso to hang out with him” in the video, apologizing and explaining what happened.

“He admits His position is threatened and he needs his support. But the footballer refused,” says Natalia Torrente’s text.

they also make sure Jorge Vilda, DT Spain, He contacted Jeanne Hermoso’s family several times to persuade her to speak out on the issue, which, of course, benefited Rubiales.

The video was eventually released by Luis Rubiales alone, with assurances that “no malice was done on either side,” as if Jeanne Hermoso was responsible for what happened.

No, as if the videos circulating online and in the media weren’t enough, Relevo assured via sources that Jenni Hermoso didn’t know the RFEF president would hold her head and kiss her During the awards ceremony.

Spanish president Pedro Sanchez thinks Luiz Rubiales’ apology ‘not enough’

Acting Head of the Spanish Government, Pedro SanchezHe talked about what happened to Luis Rubiales and Jeanne Hermoso.

“I think what we’re seeing is an unacceptable gesture”Sanchez told a news conference after his meeting with King Felipe VI.

“I also think Mr. Rubiales’ apology was not enoughI even think that they are not enough, so measures must continue,” added the President of the Spanish government.

On the other hand, on the same Monday afternoon, the Spanish Minister of Labor and Socioeconomics and second vice president of the government, Yolanda Díaz, was the first to announce the decision on Monday. explain Rubiales’ apology ‘didn’t work at all’RFEF chairman ‘must resign’.

he reiterated his position network After Relevo published its investigation of Natalia Torrente:

Yolanda Des Luis Rubiales resigns

in accordance with AFPGiven the “seriousness” of the incident, the players and players’ Association of Spanish Football Players (AFE) asked “the relevant authorities to take necessary and forceful measures” in a statement on Tuesday.

The AFE recalls that “the Higher Sport Council’s Action Against Sexual Violence Protocol considers ‘forced kissing’ (…) as ‘unacceptable behaviour, with immediate consequences'”.

information from comfort and AFP.

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