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Yeay! A good news for you fans of the game Tomb Raider. Yes, Steam is free-game from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix so.

Yes, Square Enix is currently a campaign “To stay home and Play“in the middle of an outbreak of Corona in many countries, so they eliminate the game, to be played by the players.

The game was released on 5. March 2013 will be a discount of 100 percent, aka free.

Tomb Rider (Steam)

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In addition to the steam also give you a discount of 84% to Rp603.528 for the Tomb Raider Collection includes 54 titles, Tomb Rider ever launched in PC.

Then, Eidos Anthology Bundle the price of 87 per cent also trimmed Rp1 to.047.240, contains 56 games and DLC in 8 of the franchise Tomb Raider.

However, you have to be fast motion, because the time of the free game is only valid until 24. March 2020. You can buy it in this link.

Tomb Rider (Steam)

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Tomb Raider tells the origins of Lara Croft young start to an adventure. This game showcases the thrill of the new, the never before found in the series.

In this game, Lara Croft in his adventure is equipped to explore with a variety of weapons. He should be able to survive, by running constantly in motion, climbing and jumping.

Well, intrigued by the beginning story of Lara Croft? Game Brush Game Tomb Raider atfree are on steam, this.