Stefano Sollima – From gangster movies to Hollywood

V80th Venice Film Festival, Stefano Sollima will present his fifth film, Slowlywhich includes some of the biggest names in Italian cinema: Tony Servillo, Pierfrancesco Favino AND Valerio Mastandrea. Produced by The Apartment in association with Sky and Netflix, Adagio is set in Rome and concludes the Sollima Rome crime trilogy of which the series is a part. crime novel AND subura.

Sollima returned to the big screen in the genre that made him great, narrating crime in a way few people in Italy can do today.

First steps and crime novel

After training on the set of his father Sergio’s films, he comes to work on the small screen, filming some episodes of the series. A place under the sun AND Team. The real turning point came in 2008 when he directed the series. crime novelwhich has now become a cult. A scathing critique of the state, which, during the period in which the series is set, finds itself in control of years of leadership and Moro’s case. It is here that Sollima’s talent manifests itself, his sense of gangsterism and street cinema. A genre that in Italy considers him one of the last storytellers. Pasolini’s raw 1970s production of the Roman suburbs paves the way for Sollima’s other great crime stories that question the morality of institutions and explore the human and, above all, the psychological state of the protagonists.

Gomorrah, ACAB and Suburra

The contribution of Stefano Sollima to the gangster genre is enormous. Between 2014 and 2016, he directed the first two seasons of the series. Gomorrahtaken from the famous novel Roberto Saviano. In 2012, he also made his film debut with ACAB – All cops are bastards., which tells the story of three police riot control agents, better known as Celerini, in a hyper-real and brutal way. The film strikes like a punch in the stomach, also thanks to the great acting of the actors. Pierfrancesco Favino, Marco Giallini AND Philip Nigro, who furiously vent the anger and frustration of their characters. His second film will also be released in 2015. subura: a look at the underworld of the capital that intertwines his work with the state and the church. In this way, Sollima continues to talk about the crimes in a real and strictly political way. His story will never leave you indifferent.

Hollywood productions

In 2018 he comes to the USA to direct Soldado (Sicario: The Day of Soldado) continuation killer, 2015 movie by: Dennis Villeneuve. A director from Rome comes to Hollywood to direct his first work he sees. Benicio del Toro AND Josh Brolin as the main characters, then, in 2021, to sign the direction without remorsethriller based on the novel of the same name Tom ClancyWith Michael B. Jordan like the main character. His two Hollywood credits make him one of the most important Italian directors of recent years and underscore his ability to span genres, from crime films set against the backdrop of Roman suburbs to American spy films.

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