Stella McCartney Chooses Kendall Jenner: Winter 2023 Campaign

Stella McCartney in the advertising campaign “Winter 2023” relies on one of the highest paid models of our time; Kendall Jenner in fact, this is the protagonist of a new series of images signed by Harley Weir, which focuses on the exciting relationship between man and horse in a series of poses that have already become iconic. A spectacular project that is destined to become viral in a particularly short period of time.

Horsepower Focused Aesthetics

Set in the breathtaking scenery of the French salt flats of the Camargue, the campaign aims to perpetuate the spirit of equestrianism through the presence of a supermodel portrayed among the region’s outspoken white ponies, with the assistance of Jean-François Pignon, one of the industry’s leading experts. All this storytelling focuses on the theme of the connection between man and animal, captured by the creations of the American brand, presented on the occasion of a fashion show held as part of Paris Fashion Week and, not by chance, taking place at the Manege de L’Ecole Militaire.

Stella McCartney Life&People MagazineAlready in this context, Stella’s love was clearly felt. McCartney in relation to the horses present in every detail, as well as in the titles of individual works. In this regard, let’s recall the bag that turned out to be the most successful: “Falabel”the name is taken from a specific breed of horses of Argentine origin with very small sizes.

Kendall Jenner: the perfect review

From a purely communicative, strategic and entrepreneurial point of view, there can be no better evidence. Kendall Jenner, in addition to being one of the most influential models of recent years, in fact, she has already declared her great passion for the world of equestrian sports in the past, thus finding herself in an absolute comfort zone during filming. As a teenager, the Los Angeles native ridden for more than a decade with dreams of becoming a professional equestrian. It was this boundless love for the equestrian universe that prompted Stella McCartney contact kendall jenneras she herself stated during the presentation:

“I knew that girl Stella this season should love horses as much as I do,” she said. McCartney Kendall she has been riding since she was a child, like me, and she has her own ranch; you can see how comfortable she is around these sensitive creatures, and how comfortable they are with her. By capturing this connection, the concept of horsepower is brought to life through both fashion and vision.”

Stella McCartney Life&People MagazineThanks to the presence of the American symbol, immortalized works take on even greater significance, building on their core strengths. Let’s think, for example, of the use of rope details, clearly inspired by bridle reins or patchwork quilts, which are artfully reworked by horse blankets.

Responsible Collection

Finally, it is also very important to emphasize the ethical aspect, which Stella McCartney he wanted to give to the entire collection, and therefore to the campaign. Most of the items, about 92%, are actually made from innovative materials. made without violence made with love and sustainable, as evidenced by the materials used to cover Frayme’s vegan crocodile-effect bags, as well as S-Wave bags made from apple waste. If riding boots were made from grape waste, then part of the accessories saw the light thanks to mushroom mycelium. MIRUM is also added to them, which is a very real alternative to animal skin, based only on the use of plants, not plastic.

Stella McCartney Life&People Magazine

All mentioned products will soon appear in the brand’s stores around the world (as well as on the official website), starting from the end of August. Let this be the beginning of a renaissance fashion horse girl? Kendall Jenner could really make a difference with her contribution.

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