Step up your vaccination program on Great Vaccination Day this Saturday, August 26

Pereira, August 24, 2023.

The Risaralda Health Secretariat has joined the national vaccination campaign promoted by the Ministry of Health, the main objective of which is to increase vaccination coverage and promote public health in the sector.

“We invite all communities to participate in this campaign, it is important that communities are able to access and identify the vaccination posts closest to home so we can protect with the vaccine, we will be launching points in both urban and rural areas the Department of Health’s Expanded Immunization Program nurse Andrea Hincapié García explained.

This year, the Ministry of Health has updated and modernized the Expanded Program on Immunization (PAI), which aims to provide comprehensive protection for families and entire communities, with priority given to children, adolescents, women of reproductive age, pregnant women and the elderly.

The government of Risaralda has arranged more than 40 vaccination posts in 14 municipalities, which will provide this service from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm so that all residents living in the Riseralda area adequate access to these biological vaccines. free.

Advances in the vaccination program include:

• Triple viral boost: 5-year dose now at 18 months. All boys and girls ages 2 to 5 should be vaccinated against measles, rubella and mumps.

• Pentavalent booster vaccine: This vaccine protects against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, and invasive diseases caused by Haemophilus influenzae type b (meningitis, pneumonia, and osteomyelitis). Now includes booster shots at 18 months.

• COVID-19: An additional dose of the vaccine is given to all boys and girls over 6 months of age and groups at high risk.

• Human papillomavirus (HPV): From 1 October 2023, a single dose will be given in the vaccination schedule, maintaining coverage for girls aged 9 to 17, including boys aged 9.

• Injectable polio vaccine: from 1 October 2023, will include Inactivated Polio Vaccine – VIP instead of Oral Polio Vaccine; adheres to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for global polio eradication suggestion.

Vaccination point

Pereira: Plaza de Bolivar, Viceroy Solís El Lago Headquarters, Viceroy Solís La Rebeca, Comfamiliar Risaralda cra 5ta, Police Health, San Mateo Battalion, Idime La Elvira, Cosmitet, Colsubsidio Pinares, Idime Mayorca, Colsubsidio Av. 30 de Agosto, Hospital Calle 4 0 , San Joaquin Kennedy

Two quebradas: Santa Monica Hospital, Santa Teresita Health Post, Frailes, El Japón, Villa Carola, La Badea; Ips Virrey Solís, Ips Idime, Comfamiliar, Health Police, Ips San Francisco.

Apia: Hospital

Balboa: Hospital Plaza and External Consulting

Belem: Hospital

Guatica: Hospital

Celia: Hospital

Virginia: Bosquera Milagrosa neighborhood

Marseille: hospital and main square

Mistrato: Hospital

Fugui Town: Hospital

refuge: Hospital

santa rosa Santa Clara Hospital, City Hall and Clinics,

Kungia: Hospital

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