Stephane Plaza: what he proposed to Wejdene, in exchange for an apartment …


This January 16, Stephane Plaza revealed that he was looking for an apartment in Wejdene. And the host and real estate agent already have a plan in mind.

“Meetings are like the wind, some graze you, others knock you down”. This is what Stephane Plaza assured, this January 16, on Instagram about his new “little friend”, Wejdene! After Jeanfi Janssens and Fabienne Carat, the host of ” Apartment or house search ” promised this star of just 20 years to find him a property.

Revealed in 2020 by her title “Anissa”, the starlet of the song is ready to invest in stone. And if Stephane Plaza does not intend to reveal the details of his transaction, we know that it will cost him about 300,000 subscribers on Instagram.

He relies on Wejdene!

This is the deal offered to him by “uncle Plaza” to find him the rare pearl. His condition: that his account reaches 700K.

In addition, Stephane Plaza assured about the idol of young people, followed by 1.8 million subscribers, “she has talent, voice, freshness, and parents at the top”. And to specify that she would not appear in her show, since “it is indeed ‘out of your sight’ … (except camera) … that the real estate search (…) will take place! well-being and to regain the peace and tranquility it deserves! ”