Stephen Curry Joins Garuba, His Two Last-Minute Surprises Upset LeBron: He’s His Loyal Sidekick

There’s still some news in the NBA market pointing to San Francisco in recent days.this golden state warriors They’ve been closed since arriving a few months ago chris paul This would mean a significant improvement for the second rotation, but It didn’t take long for the Stephen Curry-led team to witness another surprise addition in the form of Usman Garuba..

The Spanish power forward comes from 21 years He was heavily linked to Real Madrid and the Oklahoma City Thunder decided to release him following his arrival from Houston, but the Warriors made the decision this weekend believing in the player’s ability. contract Two-wayThat is Garuba will undergo a workout with the team, and at the end of that period, Steve Kerr will decide what to do with the player based on his performance.

And pay attention…

It should be noted that this is very surprising news because Garuba’s performance last season was by no means satisfactory enough to be a bet for a team aiming to win the 2023/24 seasonBut the Warriors’ intention to strengthen the inside line remains firm. In addition to the Spaniard, Stephen Curry is also about to witness Dwight Howard.

The veteran American center got a call from the Warriors, 37 years oldI would spend some time in San Francisco and help with the painting in every way possible. Howard’s previous award-winning career and his stellar performance in the Taiwanese league since leaving the NBA a few seasons ago will be crucial in convincing the Warriors and getting this movement on track..It’s worth remembering that Howard’s last team before leaving the NBA was the Lakers LeBron Jamesthis team also wants to be in the race for the ring, and they have a big surprise with the return of center.

Furthermore, as if that wasn’t enough, he said sports world That Donovan Williams made a very good impression on the team and the youngster was included in the team by Steve Kerr Training Camp If he continues the same upward trajectory, he will have a permanent spot on the Warriors’ roster. Of course, unlike Garuba and Howard, his importance lies in supporting the team’s outside game. Williams looks similar to Klay Thompson.

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