Stephen King Praises New Disney+ Horror Film: “Verdaderamente, Unica”

Disney+ Star+ returns to the terror theme in 2023, combining terror and sci-fi with survival elements.

In anticipation of the month of terror in the skies, streaming platforms have expanded their catalogs with novels of the most ambitious genre. Hulu – Disney+ Star+ in Spain – has what I have Nadi will save youone movie It didn’t take long for Stephen King to come into the spotlight.

A writer from Maine found himself in this combination of terror and science, led by Brian Duffield and starring Kaitlyn Dever (Super Empollons).

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A young girl with mild symptoms of agoraphobia will accept everything society can do, but soon she will be punished by aliens who will force her to meet her in the past, which she wants to preserve in the future.

Many elements of terror were more than enough for Stephen King, the author of some of the genre’s best novels, to tweet (X).

Nady will save you from Stephen King’s place of approval

Author short stories How Shine or Carrie he determined movie how brilliant and unique and compared it to a specific episode Size unknown (Twilight Zone).

Nadi will save you: Brilliant, passionate, exciting, earthy. I went back over 60 years to an episode of Dimension Unknown called “Invaders” to find something remotely similar. Truly unique“.

Accompanying Kaitlyn Dever in the department Nadi will save youlet’s meet Ginger Cressman, Zach Duhaime, Geraldine Singer, Dari Lynn Griffin, Lauren L. Murray, Elizabeth Kaluev, John Cortez, Evangeline Rose and Dane Rhodes.

However, there is little dialogue in the film, especially in terms of Quiet placefrom where the action returns the singing voice to the top of its own words.

Disney+ I will confirm you in 2022 with Barbarian during the Halloween season Nadi will save you This year 2023, it was given to her by another Ganador horse on the platform. Stephen King’s support is another medal of honor for the film.

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