Still below 2019, retail sales closed 2021 with a recovery above 14%

The SME retail sales to constant prices rose 4.0 percent annually in december and they closed 2021 with an increase of 14.8 percent. December was a month with ups and downs, but in the final balance, the numbers were positive, informs the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (Came) in its latest report.

Despite the recovery compared to 2020, SMEs have not yet managed to make up for all that was lost that year. A) Yes, 2021 ended 5.3 percent below 2019. Only one item, Sports and Recreation Goods, which was favored by the changes in some habits that the pandemic left behind, sold more than then.

“December was a month with good sales for 71.8 percent of the businesses surveyed (November had been good only for 53.7 percent), although half indicated that their profits were regular,” they said.

The SME Retail Sales Index prepared monthly by Came details that sales at constant prices of December 2021 compared to November a positive variation of 30.9 percent, with increases in the eleven categories surveyed.

The biggest increases were in Clothing, lingerie and accessories (+ 89.6%) and Footwear and leather goods (+ 78.6%). They are two of the best-selling items for the end of the year parties.

Compared to December 2020 (annual variation), grew 4.0 percent, with nine items on the rise and two on the decline. The largest increases occurred in Hardware stores, electrical materials and construction (+ 34.5%) and Tires, auto parts and motorcycles (+ 17.1%).

Compared to December 2019 (biannual variation), they fell 2.7 percent, with five items falling and six rising. The biggest drops were in Footwear and leather goods (-12.6%), and, in Clothing, lingerie and accessories (-8.3%).

In the 12 months of the year, sales accumulated an increase of 14.8 percent compared to the same months of 2020, although they remain 5.3 percent below the same months of 2019.

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