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Still not forgetting? These are the tender PHOTOS of Alex Rodríguez that Jennifer Lopez did not want to delete

The world was shocked at the news that Jennifer Lopez removed all traces of Alex Rodriguez from your account Instagram. It seems that “Bronx Diva“He does not want anything to remind him of his past with the former New York Yankees star now that he is experiencing an intense Romance with Ben Affleck. But nevertheless, J.Lo could not get rid of everything and left a few cute photos in your profile, which are evidently specials for her and did not want to delete. Why? Still haven’t forgotten Alex Rodríguez? Here we tell you

Only a few months passed for Jennifer Lopez decided to take out Alex Rodriguez of your life completely now that you are already starting a family with Ben affleck and they are very close to buying a house. J.Lo took another step to forget what was his affair with the former baseball player and eliminated the photos from his Instagram where it appears, in addition to giving unfollow in said social network. But nevertheless, Jennifer did not want to erase these tender photos of Alex Rodríguez, in which both lived very special moments.

What are the photos of Alex Rodríguez that Jennifer Lopez did not delete from Instagram?

The Photographs that Jennifer Lopez did not want to delete have to do with those tender moments what happened with Alex Rodriguez and his family – Pictures show Thanksgiving dinner 2019; they appear very happy posing with the former player’s two daughters, Natasha and Ella. The reason why J.Lo he still keeps those photos could be from him sweetie and respect he feels for adolescent girls.

Photo: Instagram @jlo

Jennifer Lopez also keeps in your profile Instagram the photos in which he congratulated the daughters of Alex Rodriguez for his birthdays, thus demonstrating the great appreciation he still has for the young women despite the separation he had with his father. This would be the main reason why J.Lo did not want to erase these tender photos.

Photo: Instagram @jlo

Contrary to what some might think, Alex Rodriguez maintains on his Instagram account the Photographs of Jennifer Lopez, hinting that she was an important part of his life. Over time it will be known if the former baseball player will do the same as J.Lo and he will eliminate them, leaving only a few for the memory; Or maybe I’ll react like the “Bronx Diva” who He did not want to erase these tender photos and leave on your profile some of the most special moments you lived together.

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