Still without winning, but Estudiantes scored a good point against Lanús

In a high demand match, Students reaped another tie. It was 1 to 1 against Lanús, as a visitor and unable to maintain the advantage he had from the 12th minute of the first half, when Leandro Díaz scored again with a strong right hand.

In the second half, already with the match tied by Ignacio Malcorra, the Russian Lion had a pair of good chances to score again, but lacked precision.

In the match that has Patricio Loustau as the person in charge of dispensing justice, it can be seen only by the encrypted cable signal TNT Sports. In addition, and as more than 20 years ago, it can be followed minute by minute through the classic Supertransmi of FM La Redonda, at 100.3 on the dial.

The game began with those led by Luis Zubeldia doing what they usually do at home, handling the ball. Those from Zieliski were waiting well armed and trying to get out quickly from the middle of the court.

In the first approach that the visitor had towards the rival goal, he made the most of it and put himself in advantage. At 12 ‘, a side kick launched by Leonardo Godoy went into the area, the ball was left to Tucu Díaz after a gift from the garnet defense -short rejection by Burdisso with his head- and the forward took a right shot that was he slipped into the near post and ended up in the back of the net.

At the end of the first half, at 38 ‘, Estudiantes had a clear arrival in which they almost extended the advantage. From the middle of the court Zuqui opened Godoy to the right, made a combination of passes with Del Petre and the play ended with a cross behind the right side of Pincha that the local defense rejected.

At 42 ‘the local found an unexpected action that would end with equality in the first half. A shot from outside the area hit David Ayala’s hand and Loustau did not hesitate to whistle the penalty. Ignacio Malcorra was in charge of executing it, with category he put it down and to the right of Andújar who chose the other suit.

At the beginning of the second half, Pincha could have taken the lead again from the start. Again Del Prete was the one who appeared clearly and opened for Aguirregaray who entered the area made a good play, touched to Pellegrini who finished in the middle and goalkeeper Morales sent the corner.

The processing of the supplement was absolutely different and the match “broke down” and was more of a round trip. At 24 ‘, another combination of Aguirregaray on the left with Del Prete, who threw a cross to Diaz’s head and went just very close to the left post.

A minute later Granate had it and Andújar saved Pincha when he took a shot from Facundo Pérez to the corner.

The venue was somewhat better in the last quarter of an hour, when “Pincha” definitely bet on the counterattack. But it was not one or the other (Andújar saved his bow on the hour in a free kick from Malcorra) and the tie ended up being a deserved distribution.

On the next date, the 21st, Lanús will visit the Board of Trustees in Paraná and Estudiantes will receive Huracán in La Plata.


Lanús: Lautaro Morales; Brian Aguirre, Matías Pérez, Guillermo Burdisso and Alexander Bernabei; Lautaro Acosta, Jorge Morel, Matías Esquivel and Ignacio Malcorra; Pedro de la Vega and José López. DT: Luis Zubeldia.

Students: Mariano Andújar; Agustín Rogel, Fabián Noguera and Fernando Tobio; Leonardo Godoy, Fernando Zuqui, David Ayala and Matías Aguirregaray; Matías Pellegrini, Leandro Díaz and Gustavo del Prete. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Goals in the first half: 13m Leandro Díaz (E) and 45m Ignacio Malcorra (L), from a penalty.

Changes: in the second half, 13m Facundo Pérez for Esquivel (L); 15m Bautista Kociubinski for Ayala (E); 24m Ángel González for Acosta (L) and Franco Zapiola for Pellegrini (E); 37m Nicolás Pasquini for Aguirregaray (E) and Francisco Apaolaza for Del Prete (E).

Admonished: Acosta, Esquivel, Malcorra, Pérez (L); Zuqui, Ayala, Díaz, Kociubinski, Tobio (E).

Court: Lanús.

Referee: Patricio Loustau.

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