Stock of the iPad in China, thinning By means of Corona-Virus

163–Corona-Virus that forces people to stay at home, to work and to learn. The quarantine is intended to prevent the spread of the virus. But it seems that some companies have an advantage because of this plague. Apple is a company. According to the news, the stock iPad thinning in China.

A source revealed, “the need for iPad the higher the time the Chinese began to re-open the schools, but asked the students to study online. Stock shortages of the iPad causes the waiting period to four weeks, especially for cheaper models. Warehouse goods, the high demand can meet.”

Previously, there was news on whether the iPad demand in the country increases, as the number of people increased in the house also. There is some news to discover, if the revenue of the app store are also on the rise. People buy apps as a way to entertainment at home, write UbergizmoThursday (12/3).

The problem of high demand for the iPad seems to be difficult to overcome. Many factories in China are still closed. One of them is the factory where the iPad is manufactured. So it is add difficult for Apple, the stock of goods, so that the tablet was sold out. The outbreak of the corona virus is allegedly also on the release of the iPhone 2 and the iPhone 12.

Editor : Ranu Ario