Stolen song?: Who reported the UDC and his video to the record company Sony?

Verschwand der SVP-Song wegen Komiker Karpi?

With “Das isch d’SVP” start the Volkspartei in den Wahlkampf – und tritt in ein Fettnäpfchen. Denn die Video-Plattform Youtube plays Clip, wegen Plagiatsvorwürfen. Die Musikfirma Sony can be connected to Youtube.

Can SVP continue to use your song for election advertising? Or is it plagiarism? It’s obvious to comedian Carpi that the democentric party has copied the song.

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  • Was a short message from the Swiss-German comedian Carpi the reason for blocking SVP’s new song on Youtube?
  • One thing is certain: many politicians and parties have already used famous singers and bands to promote their events or ideas.

The SVP (German for SVP) starts the election campaign with “Das isch d’SVP” and may have made a gaffe. Video platform YouTube removed the video due to allegations of plagiarism. The Sony music company actually stepped in. Cause? The song UDC resembles a hit Sister Sani “We are Family”.

National Advisor Thomas Matter, who is responsible for the song, told Blick: “‘Das isch d’SVP’ was written specifically for this project and has nothing to do with ‘We Are Family’.”

As 20 Minuten now reports, comedian Carpi may have been responsible for removing the video from the network. This is because on his X (formerly Twitter) account, he posted a post highlighting the similarities between the songwriter and the record company.

“When I heard and saw the song, it was immediately clear to me that the chorus had been copied,” Carpi tells 20 Minuten. For this reason, in addition to the tweet, he also sent an email to Sony Switzerland.

The song disappeared after a few hours.

“Sony responded fairly quickly and informed me that this was a breach of contractual rights. There was nothing they could do as a label,” Carpi says, and continues, “Within a few hours, the song was blocked on Youtube,” says Carpi.

It’s a shock to Carpi that SVP chose this particular song. “It was originally written by black musicians and has become an LGBTQI anthem over the years.” Democentrists are not particularly supportive of foreigners or LGBTQI people, he adds.

As a film producer, Carpi understands that music rights can be expensive. “In any case, for advertising and political advertising, such songs are often impossible to get. That’s why I thought that Thomas Matter did not clarify the issue of rights. Politicians often use the songs of famous artists without permission.”

Springsteen, Aerosmith and Adele have already done the same.

Donald Trump AND Ronald Reagan both wanted to use the song “Born in the USA” by the band Bruce Springsteen for your purposes. This is reported by “Tages-Anzeiger”.

springsteen he was against it. Also Neil Young, Adele, Aerosmith and REM sued Trump for using their songs at events.

There are lawsuits in the German-speaking world as well. Helen Fishera hugely popular singer north of the Alps, for example, sued the NPD, Germany’s National Democratic Party, for playing its hit “Atemlos durch die Nacht” at events.

But remember that even I Toten Hosen (“Tage wie dieser”) ei Rolling Stones (“Angie”) were used by political parties in Germany for their own purposes.

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