Stop buying test anti-Covid-19


The interior of the government of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador the position which prevails with regard to the massification of tests to detect the Covid-19, is the of test safe and tested.

Until now, the 4T has not yielded to the pressure of governors and other sectors that claim because they allow the rapid tests because they don’t want a repeat of the stories of China and Spain.

What they fear more the General Council of Health are the false negatives that would accelerate the pandemic, hence the purchase consolidated of acquiring these inputs is stopped.

The Secretariat of Health, Jorge Alcocerhe has not given the green light to the chief clerk of the Treasury, Thalia Gapsbecause it is needed to identify the different PCR (diagnostic tests).

In addition it is required to buy systems of taking of samples ‘dirty’ to speed up the time in cases that apply, and acquire masks, gowns and safety equipment to those who do.

The position of a group, the one led by the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatellis that they are not opposed to testing, but have to be verified by the InDRE.

In the context of the emergency came tests that have been rejected. A not to be trusted and to others because they have faults in the filling of requests and errors in their packages.

Two laboratories that did route correctly the route are that I said a couple days ago, Roche, who runs Andres Bruzualand Abbott, who captained Carlos Fernandez.

Chinese who are placing quick tests, but that the regime Xi-Jinping not allowed in the country, they are the Wondfo, Nantong Egens Biotchnology, Yixin Bio, Healgen Scientific and Sansure.

Some of these laboratories were contacted by intermediaries who have gone to knock on the doors of governors, as well as that of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, and Nuevo Leon, Jaime Rodriguez.

Almost all possess export permits, but may not be sold within China and less are going through the filter of the Federal Commission of Protection against Sanitary Risks, of Jose Novelo.

Jack Ma

Illustrations of Nelly Vega

In this same context the tycoon chinese Jack Ma, owner of the engine of e-commerce Alibaba, just make a donation to the Mexico of 50 thousand kits testing for the Covid-19.

So the discussion is more heated than ever, because of the low incidence of cases of coronavirus in comparison, for example, with the united States, there continues to be doubt of our count.

This becomes more relevant in light of the so-called harrowing that few days ago made it to the nations the director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

“Don’t stop test, test, test”.

TOTAL SECRECY AROUND the economic plan to contain the crisis by the Covid-19. The government of the 4T is working to forced marches without the accompaniment of the private sector congealed into the Business Coordinating Council. For 13 days the dome that presides over Carlos Salazar presented a list of 10 urgent measures to be applied to keep the plant productive and work, but until now there has been no response. This is not to say that it has not taken note. Ooootra time there is a struggle between technical and basically a badass. The first are Arturo Herrera, Marcelo Ebrard, Julio Scherer and Alfonso Romo that are strongly supported by Smes. On the other side Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The secretary of the Treasury has a package of ideas, but apparently the President no longer has confidence. Care, much care.

AS YOU inform you, the Fonatur yesterday received bids for Segment 1 of the Train Maya. Presented positions 14 consortia that bring together a total of 36 companies. The lowest was a built-in group by Group Vázquez del Sur, CIACSA, Soil and Asphalt, and Rubau who put 12 thousand 925 million of pesos; and the duo integrated by Omega and ASCH raised 22 thousand 920 million. According to the experts, the item could go by CISCA of Carlos Slim with 17 thousand 740 million pesos and CAABSA of Mauritius Amodío with 15 thousand 999 million. Others do not rule out China Communications going with Mota-engil, from portugal, who presides over José Miguel or the China Railway Construction than it does with the GIA of Hipólito Gerard. The mexican partners do not like to 4T.

PRESIDENT ANDRÉS Manuel López Obrador Monday called for the CEO to global Constellations Brands, Bill Newlands, which prepares a proposal for repairing the damage by the cancellation of the plant of beer of Mexicali, in Baja California. The approach will start to work already with the team of economic and legal Alfonso Romo and once you have you will be presented with the tabasco. National Palace, there is not the slightest doubt that an agreement will be reached. For as we have solved other records, it will not be strange for a financial compensation.

Jaime Bonilla

BY THE WAY THAT in the middle of this controversial situation, it is striking that no company has raised the voice to question the query, ‘duckling’ that led to the cancellation of an investment of more than a thousand 400 million dollars. In Baja California have a presence powerful companies such as the firm’s energy infrastructure Sempra Jeffrey W. Martinthe truck Paccar Mark Pigottthe Group Hot Jorge Hank and the above-mentioned SuKarne of Jesus Vizcarra and the Dutch brewer Heineken, which leads Etienne Stripj. Which yes operated against was the governor Jaime Bonilla.

SEGALMEX REPORTED THAT not reduce the purchase milk during Holy Week, when is lower the demand. In fact, the agency in charge of Ignacio Ovalle keep orders small and large producers alike. The unit will be acquiring approximately 2.3 million liters per day in order to ensure the proper operation of the Program of Social Milk Supply Diconsa in the context of the health emergency, which could lead to problems of supply in Lala from Eduardo Tricio and Alpura of Jorge Aguilar.

Adolfo Cuevas

YESTERDAY WAS FULL at the Federal Institute of Telecommunications, presiding Adolfo Cuevas. The session will continue today and a point in the order of the day is to decide on the deferral of the deadline that was given to Disney to notify the receipt of offers of purchase of Fox Sports. Is for the 30 of April. What are the things, the health emergency would open the conglomerate that he chairs Bob Chapek the door to win more time. The financial crisis disrupted the multiples of the only two offers that the manager of the sale, Ben Paynehas on the table.

Graciela Márquez

IN THE MIDDLE OF the health emergency, and when the government of the 4T should collect resources to buy medicines and supplies for health, the ministry of Economy came out with an absurdity. Someone in the dependence of Graciela Márquez it occurred to him that it was time to launch the bid-010000999-E128-2020 to buy computers, communications, services, migration of software and other applications. It has a budget of $ 17 million. This process does not goes to the Oficialía mayor de Hacienda.

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