Stop buying tests for Covid-19, and suspended production of beer


Everything indicates that the day of today, April 2, we arrive at the million of cases of Covid-19 in the world and we too will reach the figure of 50 thousand dead, writes Enrique Quintana in The Financial.

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Money, Enrique Galván, in The Day:

First oil company in bankruptcy

The u.s. producer of oil shale, Whiting Petroleum Corporation, announced yesterday that it had declared bankruptcy and sought protection of a judge for which their creditors do not devour their property while it restructures, becoming the first victim of the war of oil prices and the pandemic of coronavirus.

It is not profitable to produce oil at $ 20 or less a barrel, and in addition the demand is collapsed by the pandemic. It is feared that at least 50 other oil companies are declared bankrupt the next few days. In Mexico, the government of the 4T stopped the franchise to exploit the oil that is extracted from the rocks by the harm caused to the environment. Pemex is not exempt of risks to the industry.

Captains, in Reform:

Smes to the Covid-19

Good news for small and medium-sized enterprises that do not know how to face the crisis of the coronavirus now that they are being forced to close. The business incubator of the Faculty of Engineering, Innova UNAM, captained Javier Avila, program a series of tutorials virtual in conjunction with business organisations and academic institutions.

In the first session he will participate in the Mexican Association of Industrial Corrugated Cardboard, of Peter Hugo Alcala, and Rina Fainstein, the business consultant of israeli origin Nogaplus. Will address the business continuity, technologies and opportunities before the crisis. In addition, we will form a “war room” with specialists in business and technologies to make an analysis of the situation of each company, and develop action plans for recovery. Will be session at a distance, through the app Zoom, free and the first starts today at 11:00 hours.

Coordinates, Enrique Quintana, in The Financial:

The figures of terror

With the month of April, the start of the data of the terror. It comes in both figures in terms of both health and economic information. The first noteworthy point is that everything indicates that the day of today, April 2, we arrive at the million of cases of Covid-19 in the world and we too will reach the figure of 50 thousand dead. In Mexico, we now have 1 thousand 378 cases and 37 deaths. Beyond that there may be a underestimation in these figures, the reality is that we are only just entering the most critical phase.

Today will be announced the sales figures of cars in march and it is expected that the collapse is unprecedented, heart-stopping. We’re going to have to get used to the figures that are going to be revealing in the next few days are going to correspond to the worst economic crisis of modern times.

The Fourth Transformation, of Darío Celis, in The Financial:

Stop buying test anti-Covid-19

The interior of the government of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the position which prevails with regard to the massification of tests to detect the Covid-19, is the test safe and tested. Until now, the 4T has not yielded to the pressure of governors and other sectors that claim because they allow the rapid tests because they don’t want a repeat of the stories of China and Spain.

What they fear more the General Council of Health are the false negatives that would accelerate the pandemic, hence the purchase consolidated of acquiring these inputs is stopped. The position of a group, the one led by the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, is that they are not opposed to testing, but have to be verified by the InDRE.

Safety Deposit box, Luis Miguel González, in The Economist:

Production of beer, in the canvas by emergency decree by the Coronavirus

What is the production of alcoholic beverages an essential activity? Apparently not, according to the decree of health emergency published in the Official Journal. Does this mean they should stop the production of beer, including the one that is destined for export? So it is. Informally, the production of beer are already stopping their work. The frenón will culminate this week.

This matters because it is an industry that generates 55 thousand direct jobs and around 550 thousand indirect. In the first two months of 2020 the production and sale of beer generated nearly 6 billion pesos in excise taxes to the Federal Government. Mexico is the largest exporter of beer in the world, sold abroad more than 400 million dollars monthly. It is not clear if it was deliberate non-inclusion of the production of beer in the list of essential activities. The best scenario is that you have been an omission because this could be corrected.

Names, Names, and… Names, Alberto Aguilar, on The Economist:

Industry seeks government return of plastic bags by Covid-19

Talking in the context of the crisis by the Covid-19 the ledger of plastic just send a letter to the governments of the states, including the CDMX by Claudia Sheinbaum, to temporarily reconsider the use of plastic bags to carry. The letter the signed clustering of Industrial Plastic Bags of Mexico, which presides over Alvaro Hernandez with the support of the ANIPAC of Aldimir Towers and the Concamin of Francisco Cervantes.

The own Hernandez, that is waiting for the answers, makes you see that the request is not opportunistic, but from the need to handle syringes, serums and other products related to the emergency. Restaurants now take orders door to door service and the bag conventional is a useful tool.

Business asset, José Yuste, in Excélsior:

Sheinbaum, The Bronco, and the beer

Claudia Sheinbaum will amend the flat to the Bronco. The governor regio, his style, announced that the companies breweries were closing not to be strategic industries. The Bronco, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, tried to correct with a classic… please don’t do shopping panic because if you go all the shops are going to be spread of coronavirus. Again, the damage was done. Mexican consumers, in quarantine, they ran to find beer to better cope with the heat in the houses.

When you view the shopping, Claudia Sheinbaum, head of government of the capital, reassured consumers and said for all the tracks: No Dry Law in the City of Mexico. Up on the Twitter account of the government of the capital was clarified that it was not prohibited in any establishment selling alcoholic beverages. The two large companies, breweries, Heineken and Grupo Modelo, failed to react in time. But in effect, you are going to close their plants temporarily until… to pass the health emergency. Heineken is the producer of Tecate, Indio, Sol, Bohemia, Miller and Carta Blanca, Sol. Grupo Modelo produces Corona, Victoria, Pacífico, León and Montejo.

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