Stories of famous brothers: William and Harry, Versace, Beyoncé.

Harry and Meghan: Quarrel (and screaming) with William over Megzit

Nothing in the world compares to the relationship between brothers and sisters. Love, hate, support, rivalry, friendship, competition. In family dynamics, it is certainly one of the most difficult. Relationships that often excite and disappoint at the same time. When personal and human events are accompanied by social and professional ones, the difficulties increase. Often amplified by press echoes and spotlights. In short, be famous brothersmost of the time it’s difficult.

In 2023, which has seen a complicated relationship between Prince Harry and brother, that Prince Williamfirst in line to the English throne after the coronation of their father, King Charles III, European streaming platform presents a selection of documentaries dedicated to some of the most famous brothers in the world. Starting with Harry, Duke of Sussex and William, Prince of Wales. And having gone through the Versace saga, the Kennedy saga. Stories of the Williams Sisters and beyoncé AND Solange Knowles.

All titles can be watched free of charge with Italian subtitles on or in the platform apps available for Smart TV, Fire TV, Apple TV and mobile devices. The European streaming platform brings together documentaries, reports, series, infotainment, music and live performances from around the world. They address and explore many topics. From politics to culture, from travel to discovery. Up to the sciences, history and music.

Versace Saga

Relationships between siblings are always complicated. Relations between famous brothers even more so. Here are the stories of the most famous, starting with the story of Gianni, Sante and Donatella Versace, the main characters of the Versace Saga document (photo by the press office)

Harry vs William – Fraternal Knives at the House of Windsor?

In the British monarchy, the right of the firstborn is inviolable. And no matter how selfless the younger son shows, he will never be able to achieve the privileges of the elder. Unless he dies or relinquishes his prerogatives. This rule has long influenced the relationship between Prince William of Wales and Harry, Duke of Sussex. Creating expectations and conflicts and generating useless comparisons.

It is not comforting to know that Grandmother Elizabeth II suffered the same fate with her sister Margaret. Or Pope Charles III suffered the same fate with Anna, Andrea and Edoardo. Because in the modern world – and above all in a monarchy that must be modern in order to survive – it is even more difficult to manage this situation. Today, between the balance of power and personal events, the relationship between the two princes seems to be irreparably cracked. The documentary tells how we got to this point Harry vs William – Fraternal Knives at the House of Windsor? who analyzes, together with psychologists and monarchy experts, the most classic and universal conflicts in the family.

Venus and Serena – From the Ghetto to the Wimbledon Lawn

He grew up in Compton (California), one of the worst ghettos in the United States. Venus AND Serena Williams they learned to play tennis under pressure from their father (almost) a master. Who also became a mentor and manager despite never hitting a yellow ball. The film shows it beautifully. The Winning Family – King Richard (Remember? This is the one at the Oscars? Will Smith and the subsequent sensational slap in the face).

But this is a movie. However, this is a documentary. Venus and Serena – From the Ghetto to the Wimbledon Lawn tells the story of two women who changed the face of tennis forever. Breaking stereotypes, the two sports stars reached the top of the world rankings, collecting trophies and prize money and beat an endless series of records. A true and extraordinary story, worthy of the best screenwriter in Hollywood.

Beyoncé and Solange – Queen and Princess

Guilt of one and revenge of the other. Unspeakable thoughts, because at the heart of the relationship is great love. Beyoncé and Solange Knowles they are so similar. But so different. The first is the queen of world pop music. The second had to elbow his way through to make a name for himself in the shower. From their hometown of Houston, Texas to their current place in the music scene, documentary Beyoncé and Solange – Queen and Princess follows in the footsteps of two sisters who were not spared gossip. Like those who also saw this as the husband of the Queen Bee, Jay Z.

Versace Saga

At the end of the seventies, Gianni Versace he founded a small company that grew into a global empire within a few years. Thanks and brother Saintwho has always dealt with the financial aspect. And to my sister Donatella, involved behind the scenes as a creative director. However, in 1997, at the height of his fame, the designer was killed.

A tragedy that struck the whole family even before the fashion world. Given the very close relationship that bound the three. The catastrophe that brought the Versace fashion house to the brink of decline. But it was through this connection—blood and affection—that fate was rewritten. With Donatella taking over the reins of the company, managing to impose its leadership no matter what. Versace Saga tells the story of one of the most famous families in the fashion world, between fame and tragedy.

Dalida and Orlando are brothers forever

Perhaps an obscure story. But it is worth talking about and following. Delilah, born Yolanda Cristina Gigliotti, was one of the most popular singers in France. An icon with over 120 million albums sold. Who managed to cross the centuries. But if she became a star, then thanks to her younger brother. Orlando. Stage name of Bruno Gigliotti. A dedicated behind-the-scenes consultant who has devoted his entire life, personal and professional, to her, together creating the first independent label in the music world. Dalida and Orlando are brothers forever tells the story of unbreakable brotherly love. But also the pain that is impossible to assimilate.

Kennedy – American dynasty

For almost a century I Kennedy they are considered “royalty” with stars and stripes. With Irish origins, they have evoked an inexhaustible charm for decades. Also fueled by the media and writers who tried to reveal their secrets amid drama and scandal. Starting with those associated with the Democratic President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Murdered in Dallas in 1963 and protagonist of the greatest conspiracy theories in history.

Out of 9 children Joseph Kennedy AND Rose Fitzgeralda pair of founders of the “dynasty”, 6 began a political career, but after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and then Robert, in 1968, what was the fate of the other brothers, “overshadowed” by a double tragedy? Say what it is Kennedy – American dynasty.

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Klitschko – Two brothers, two icons of Ukraine

In Ukraine, the dream of Superman has a (double) face Vitaly – the current mayor of Kyiv – e Vladimir Klichko. Two brothers icons. Two gentlemen of boxing. Polyglots and doctors of sports sciences. Where did their legend come from? How did they forge their power and then unleash it in the ring? Movie Klitschko – Two brothers, two icons of Ukrainedirector Sebastian Denhardt, traces the path of two giants who dominated heavyweight boxing for many years. To be able to never fight each other, as they promised their mother.


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